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Everwide Newsletter No.180

Experiment § UV adhesive for LED light bar

LED light bars can be divided into two types: hardboard and soft board. Rigid LED strips use printed circuit boards (PCB) to assemble circuit boards, which have the advantages of easy processing and installation and are often used in applications such as furniture, automobiles, and lighting. The flexible LED strip uses an FPC made of Polyimide to assemble the circuit board. It has the advantages of lightness, thinness, and flexibility, so it is suitable for irregular and small spaces and is often used for panels and 3C products. These light bars often need to be glued on top of the LED lamp shell to change the color. Everwide Chemical has developed special UV adhesives for the adhesion of lamp housings and plates to meet the processing needs of rapid and mass production of LEDs. This type of UV glue is divided into two types: ultraviolet curing and visible light curing. After curing, it has excellent flexibility, even if the soft board light bar is slightly bent during assembly, the lamp shell will not fall off from the light bar, so it is widely praised by customers and contributes to the colorful light.

─Author: Mr. Yu-Ren, Chen


Activity § The new look of the library

Friends who have been to Everwide must be familiar with our library! We have a mobile library cabinet full of various books, papers, and reference data. When there is no inspiration, we are used to looking for secret techniques here. When leisure is bored, we like to find books to kill time here. There are even children’s books that can be borrowed home for children to read. Due to the pleasant environment and good atmosphere, the utilization rate of meeting rooms and visitor rooms is very high, and there is often a feeling of insufficient use. Last month, we renovated the library to separate more space: behind the wooden bookcase are two discussion spaces, which can be used for small meetings or meeting guests. In the middle is the reading area, which can not only accommodate about 20 people for reading but also can change the configuration of tables and chairs for different forms of discussion. On the right is the book data collection area. We gradually improve the function of the library, hoping that it will become an important place for the company's knowledge. Haven't visited our library yet? Don't forget to come in and take a look next time!


Knowledge § What is the environmental impact of the light-curing reaction?

Light-curing adhesives are affected by environmental factors. Taking cationic epoxy resin as an example, its reaction rate is easily affected by humidity, because moisture in the air will terminate the activity of cations, resulting in a decrease in the reaction rate. Take the light-curing adhesive of the acrylic system as an example, the reaction rate is easily affected by oxygen in the air. Because light-cured acrylic resins react by repeating steps such as the reaction of free radicals with monomers to generate new free radicals but free radicals also react with oxygen in the air to produce peroxide free radicals. The reaction speed of the latter is hundreds of times faster than the former, but the generated peroxide radicals react with the monomer at a very slow speed, which affects the reaction speed. In summary, both cationic polymerized light-curing resins and radical polymerized light-curing resins are all affected by environmental factors and should be carefully considered when applying them.


Living § Our teacher’s bookcase

Several years ago, I went back to Jiaotong University and chatted with my teacher Professor Zhang Fengzhi in the office. The teacher pointed to the bookcase and said to me, "If he retires in the future, he really doesn't know where to put these books." When I was in the doctoral program, I picked up all the papers and magazines you threw into the waste paper box for collection! The teacher laughed and promised to send me these books in the future. I was very happy to hear it, and told the teacher: I must get a bookcase to store these books properly. Surprisingly, the teacher passed away in his sleep on March 24. The teacher wants to give me the book and I don’t think I have this fate, so just keep it in my heart! On July 1st, I received a letter from Lin Youli, the last graduate student of the teacher. He said that the teacher once told him these books were for me, he spent some time sorting them, and now he wants to send them to me. A few days later, I received six boxes full of books. I spread these books on the table and was in a daze for a long time: the hard work and desires of the teacher and our students in the past two to thirty years are like yesterday's things, pervading this small room. We made a glass bookcase in the library to collect them, and the upper floor displayed the manuscripts prepared by the teacher, the process of revising the thesis, and our transcripts. Every time I see them, I think of the time we did research, what the teacher taught us, and the concern for us. Every time I see them, I feel the company of the teacher.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li


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