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Everwide Newsletter No.259

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Experiment § Advantages of diversified polyurethane foam

As Carbon Fiber Composites (CFC) becomes more and more diversified, Nylon Blowpipe molding technology's actual usage becomes more challenging to meet the new demands. The focus of blow molding is nylon airbags: stack the carbon fiber prepreg according to the angle design, stick them on the airbags, and finally put this premix into the mold. In the process of Thermal curing, the air blows from the nozzle pumping the airbag, makes the carbon fiber material sticks close to the inner wall of the mold, and excess prepreg resin is extruded and cooled to obtain a finished product with a specific shape. Another method is to use foam materials (refer to the 225 bi-weekly report). Put the foam material into prepreg layup. When it is put into the mold to thermosetting, the material expands and supplies pressure from the inside, pushing prepreg to the mold. The advantages of doing so: (1) The molding is simplified, and the turnover rate and yield rate increase. (2) It is easy to produce a complicated appearance and avoid airbag rupture. (3) The hollow volume is filled with foam, which has the effect of shock absorption (damping). The client researched the impact of embedded foaming: In terms of "Handsmanship", defensive players think that softer B has better ability to control; for attacking players, they like the middle point. In terms of "Racket flexibility", all testers felt that B was significantly different. Diversified materials and simplified manufacturing process create better products.

─ Author: Mr. Rong-Hsin, Li


Activity § Five factories demolition and reconstruction project

Since the five factories were purchased, we have continuously demolished and reconstructed, supported the large-scale reactors unloaded for resale, demolished the compartment, and rebuilt the factory. At first, I thought it was a simple matter to demolish. I didn't expect that after cleaning the ditch with an electric drill, my back was sore, and my waist couldn't straighten up. The destructive demolition also caused everyone to tinnitus all day long, completely unable to hear other sounds. Labor-intensive work is hard! Looking at the trucks coming and going back and forth, I feel very complicated. After more than five months of hard work, we are still far away from our dreams to reconstruct five factories, but we know that the five factories' smooth operation is just around the corner. Thanks to the colleagues and contractors who assisted during this period, and hope that the fifth factory of Everwide Chemical Company will be successfully opened next year. Let's fight together!


Knowledge § The Relationship between bonding strength and testing temperature?

The adhesive's bonding strength is related to the test temperature: usually, the higher the temperature, the worse the strength. This trend of change is relatively mild at the glass transition temperature. For example, take a certain Tg=100℃, adhesive as an example. When the room temperature is 100%, the strength at 60℃ is still 80%, and the strength at 80℃ is still 70%. The strength drastically changes when it is close to Tg, and the adhesive strength above 100°C remains 40%. The strength drastically declines when it is higher than Tg, and the adhesive strength above 120°C and 140°C remains 30% and 10%, respectively. Due to the high correlation between strength and temperature, the adhesive choice should be carefully considered by the range of the temperature.


Living § Temperature

The body temperature of an average person is about 36.5 degrees. Due to differences in personality, the temperature emitted by each person is different. Some people are as enthusiastic as the sun, warming the people around them; some are as cold as snow and treat others with the gentleman's courtesy. So, we have different feelings about people. Because I take care of my grandmother, I used to touch her hand to confirm whether she doesn't feel cold and needs more clothes. My 'cold' cousin once told me that he dared not get too close to and take care of grandmother because he was worried that if the grandmother gets old, it will be difficult for him to let her go. I smiled and said, "Silly boy! Give yourself a chance and let yourself not leave any regrets!" The little baby took my hand and said, "I'm looking for Azu." I told him Azu was sleeping. The little baby said goodbye to his great-grandmother softly. Looking at the photos, as I look back, scenes of the past leap before my eyes, and the playful laughter of the grandparent and grandson is still in front of us, seems it was yesterday. I can still feel a little warmth while rubbing and tidying up my grandmother's clothes. I know that grandma's warmth will last forever in my heart, and I have no regrets in this life. What temperature do you want to use to treat others? Try to warm everyone with enthusiasm! Remember to give your relatives and friends a big hug, let them feel your temperature, and remember your kindness. Don't let yourself leave regrets; spend your whole life in repentance. Cherish everything around you to be content.

─ Author: Miss Li Rong Heng


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