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Everwide Newsletter-No.104

Experiment §The yellowing problem of five-minute hardening epoxy resin

The color of the hardened product of the five-minute hardening resin will gradually turn yellow after being left for a while. In some applications, it does not matter because the coloring or the bonding position is not exposed. Still, some applications are transparent materials, and the adhesive color is not suitable for changes. To improve the problem of resin yellowing, we put the test piece cured at room temperature at 80℃ for the accelerated aging test. We then developed a new yellowing-resistant product: the JC732 series.

From the photo on the left, it can be compared that the existing product and the JC732 series have no color at 10 minutes after the AB agent is mixed. However, after accelerating the aging test at 80°C, the existing products have been severely yellowed, but JC732-4 and -7 are still close to colorless. It seems like a simple discoloration problem, but it took a lot of work.

─Author: Ms. Jia-ying, Qiu, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Activity § Organic compost experiment

We have always wanted to care for the earth actively and finally took the first step in early October. We tried to make soil! We want to make compost. On the one hand, we have materials and equipment factories. On the other hand, one of the most severe environmental damage problems is soil: fertile soil.

First, prepare the following compost materials: 1. Grass and leaves; 2. Water; 3. Soil; 4.50-gallon iron bucket. The stacking method is as follows: 1. Spread leaves on the bottom layer; do not press tightly to facilitate drainage and ventilation (Figure 1). 2. Then, cover with a thin layer of old compost or soil (Figure 2). 3. During the composting process, the pile must be turned and watered at the right time (Figure 3). 4. Repeat the above steps (Figure 4). 5. Maintain proper humidity in the compost (Figure 5).

The book says that compost can be produced as quickly as one or two months and as slow as three or four months. We have made nearly two hundred liters of "canned soil." Please look forward to the acceptance time of the experiment: January 1, 2012!


Knowledge § What is Pigment? What is Dye?

Pigment refers to the color material that cannot be dissolved and can only be dispersed in the carrier (resin and solvent). It can be divided into inorganic and organic. The former is carbon black, titanium dioxide, chrome green, and the latter is the red, yellow colorant. Many color pigments are changed to organic systems to avoid the problem of heavy metals. Still, the azo system of organic pigments is also a banned substance, so special attention should be paid. At present, the organic system on the market is much more expensive than the inorganic system, and the coverage rate is also poor. It is necessary to increase the addition amount and re-color matching to replace the inorganic system.

Dye refers to a colorant that can be dissolved in a carrier (resin, solvent). Some dyes are sold in powder form, and some are made into liquids for customers to use. The dye has no covering rate and is transparent and colored when dissolved in the carrier. Generally speaking, the weather resistance and lightfastness of dyes may be inferior to that of pigments. Pay attention to the long-term effects, such as the application environment.


Living § Leisurely summer trip to Kenting

We organized a two-day and one-night employee tour at the end of September. Many employees and family members are participating this year, and everyone gathers together for fun, making this journey leisurely like a family outing.

We first visited the Meinong Hakka Cultural Relics Museum and asked the narrator to give us a detailed guide to the history and culture of Hakka. The second stop is the Marine Biology Museum in Checheng, where you can have close encounters with beautiful and changeable creatures. The cool breeze on Kenting Main Street at night and the sunny beach the next day let us free ourselves from shackles and enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine to the fullest.

I saw a very manly colleague on the production line on weekdays and changed his role into a gentle and good dad who coaxed the baby to watch the penguin. The R&D colleagues who originally wore simple experimental uniforms turned into handsome boys and girls. There are also young grandmothers strolling along the shore in a stroller with their children excitedly catching crabs in the shallow water, and so on. These exciting scenes are impressive and endless. In the early morning, Jian-min, Wang cast a masterpiece after his return from injury in the United States. The colleagues who got up to watch the game in the middle of the night talked about the mouthfuls during the day, which made this trip even more icing on the cake. The enthusiastic participation of colleagues and the proper arrangement of the itinerary and attractions made the tour guides praise us as a model of employee travel. We were looking forward to our next trip together and spending a wonderful holiday together!

─Author: Business Director Mr. Wen-chao, Shi Everwide Chemical

Thriving 是奮發向上的意思,是永寬的電子報 內文編輯: 李姮蓉 版面設計: 曾文政 電子郵件


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