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Everwide Newsletter No.129

Experiment § Protective paste is texture glue

Mobile phone packaging is an emerging industry. With the development of smartphones, when buying a new phone, many people will want to put a protective sticker or envelope on the phone to provide a layer of protection to prevent the phone from scratching and maintain its beauty. Various types of mobile phone protective films have also been developed accordingly. In the past, protective films emphasized the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, and non-staining. It seems that they can no longer meet the needs of the public in the consumer market that is innovative and changeable. Therefore, in recent years, we have included the idea of surface decoration protective film with texture. At present, the texture glue we have developed for the protective film can not only withstand the general pencil hardness (2~3H 500g) requirements, but also meet the characteristics of the smartphone market with good sliding touch, high brightness, and at the same time, it can be used in the production of patterns. Customers can design and present different texture effects by themselves, and apply them to PET or PC films to increase the value of the product. Next time you see a beautiful phone protection sticker, remember to tell your friends around you that these patterns are made of glue!

——Author: Mrs. Wei-Lin, Zhang


Activity § Glue Friends

We set the theme of this year's Electronics Fair poster: glue friends. At the top of the poster, the theme is marked in bright red, and at the bottom, the process of Everwide's development is shown in the form of negatives. This style is favored by many friends, and they have picked up cameras to shoot. After passing by our booth, foreign friends can see our products at a glance and leave a deep impression. The simple two words "glue friend" combine our products and requirements. We hope to make more friends in the exhibition hall and promote our glue product in related terms. Mark "Glue Maker" in the simplest and most direct way, so that everyone knows our products at a glance and knows that we are the manufacturer of glue. We placed an 80-inch rear projection screen made by Hongsheng Optoelectronics in front of the booth. On the one hand, we were broadcasting the company's profile, and on the other hand, we played Wii during some opening hours, which attracted a lot of friends to watch. We took this opportunity to give the crowd of onlookers a plastic magnifying glass (Fresnel lens), and at the same time tell everyone that there are many precise optical patterns in the rear projection screen like magnifying glasses, and these patterns are made of glue. Everyone said that the Everwide’s booth can be visited with gifts, games to play, and new knowledge. It is really a good place to make friends. If you missed this exhibition, you can still explore Everwide chemical you don't know about on our website, and make friends with us!


Knowledge § Is the higher the response rate the better?

The characteristics of many polymers are related to their reaction rate. For example, the higher the reaction rate, the better the Tg, hardness, heat resistance, and mechanical strength. However, there are also polymer properties that are not necessarily related to the reaction rate, such as adhesion strength and slow rupture energy. In fact, the response rate does not need to be too high, just appropriate. Pursue a high response rate, sometimes it will lead to a lengthy process, sometimes it will lead to a sharp increase in costs, and sometimes it is impossible to achieve. Taking epoxy resin floor paint as an example, the reaction rate after 7 days at room temperature is about 70~75%. Such a reaction rate is sufficient to meet the requirements of dust-free floor hardness and scratch resistance. In fact, there is no need and no way to further improve the response rate of floor paint. Take the packaging materials used for OLED as an example, under the UV is 6000mJ/cm2+80/1hr process conditions, its reaction rate is only 80~85%, can pass the strict ring test. Many examples are sufficient to illustrate that it is not necessary to pursue a high response rate. What is a suitable response rate is the real issue.


Living § Hello, we produce glue

"7:35, let's go!" I slowly wrote it down on the notepad. It took five months, nearly 30 meetings, hundreds of e-mails, just for today's debut! Seven people took the exhibits and drove directly to Taipei. This feeling is very strange, because we have been in-depth research and development, and today we are going to stand on the front line to communicate with customers. "Hello! We produce glue. We have epoxy resin, UV glue, moisture curing, and composite materials. Do you need glue?" Tell people quickly and briefly in eight seconds that we are a glue manufacturer, and this is what we learned from the exhibition on the first day. On the first day of the exhibition, there were fewer people than expected, and we were shy and we always asked with a smile: "Do I need to introduce you?" As you can imagine, most people's answer is always "NO"! But this is not what we want. We are not reconciled to make so much effort and the final answer is NO. We decided to take the initiative and tell our customers clearly in the shortest time, who we are and what our products are,so we take the initiative to introduce ourselves. Unexpectedly, I got a lot of feedback. Some people even stopped talking with us because of our proactive introduction. People's demand for glue is much more than we thought. In fact, participating in the exhibition is fun. You can meet people from all walks of life, there are your customers, and some will treat you as a customer. You have to constantly modify your speaking skills, you have to learn how to attract the attention of the masses, and you have to know your own shortcomings and learn more humbly. After the exhibition is over, we have to classify and contact the business cards collected one by one. The lesson of the exhibition is not to end after the exhibition. Thank you to everyone who assisted us in the exhibition and friends who came to see us. See you next year!

——Author: Shu-Ting,Yang


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