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Everwide Newsletter No.149

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § TAC film hardening treatment

In addition to continuous improvement in various adhesives, Everwide Chemical has invested a considerable amount of time in the coating field. In addition to PET film applications, we also invest in the application development of TAC films. TAC films (Triacetyl Cellulose, cellulose triacetate) have high transparency. They are mainly used on various liquid crystal displays as polarizer protection and different functional glasses, such as 3D stereo glasses, polarized sunglasses, etc. This type of polarizer is made of PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol). Because of its high water absorption, TAC film should be used before and after the PVA film to protect it. Because it touches the outer TAC layer, there is a need for TAC surface treatment. At present, our TAC film hardened products are about 1H~2H (750g), with excellent abrasion resistance (steel wool abrasion test). Since TAC film is usually only 40~180μm, too hard coating shrinks too much, which will cause severe curling of the sheet. The figure shows the TAC film coated with the hardened layer for the warpage resistance test at high temperatures. On the left is the product currently developed by Everwide, and it can be seen that there is almost no change. The sheet on the right has serious warpage and cannot be used. We noticed these disturbing phenomena during the development, taking into account all the properties to meet customers' expectations.

─Author: Mr.Wei-lin, Zhang


Activity § Haokang's TTQS (Taiwan TrainQuali System)

The full name of TTQS is "Taiwan Training Quality System." It is designed by the Vocational Training Bureau of the Labor Commission concerning ISO 10015 to improve institutions' training capabilities and performance. This system has five aspects of PDDRO, namely Plan, Design, Do, Review and Outcome. It emphasizes the development of corporate vision, mission, strategy, and goals. Review the gap in function, find out the areas that can be improved by education and training, and finally, do a complete evaluation and review of the results to produce substantial help to the enterprise. We at Everwide Chemical have a lot of internal and external training activities, and some of them have participated in the rechargeable take-off plan of the Vocational Training Center of the Labor Committee. In the past three years, we have received nearly 320,000 dollars in subsidies. This plan uses TTQS assessment results as the basis for subsidies. Many of the company's existing colleagues are learning relevant knowledge and will apply for assessment in the future to make our training more effective. For TTQS related course lecture notes, please refer to the link: Welcome everyone to learn together, strengthen human capital together, and improve work quality together.


Knowledge § Definition of retention period?

The storage life is the date marked by the manufacturer to protect consumers and test the best expiry date. The storage life is closely related to the storage temperature, humidity, environment, number of uses, etc. It also has a lot to do with the judging criteria and inspection items of a pass or fail. It is best to explain these two things and the retention period to the customer at the same time to avoid future disputes. The storage life is not easy to determine. In theory, the item should be tested after being placed for a while. This method takes time and time. A more reasonable alternative is to conduct accelerated experiments at controlled high or low temperatures; the same type of items are often directly inferred based on relevant experience. Sometimes, the storage life of the product is extended because we can maintain the product characteristics continuously. It is particularly noticed that many single-component products that are frozen or refrigerated can only be used after they have been fully warmed to room temperature. After use, it needs to be stored back in the freezer or refrigerator as soon as possible. Because it is left at room temperature for too long, it is easy to change the product's characteristics and affect the product's utility.


Living § Thailand International Electronic Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics Exhibition

Everwide participated in the Nepcon 2013 "Thailand International Electronic Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics Exhibition" at the Bangkok International Exhibition Center (BITEC). On the one hand, participating increases Everwide's reputation and hopes to expand distributors and direct sales customers. In addition to the hot climate, Thailand is also an enthusiastic country. In 2011, Bangkok was hit by the flood of the century. In 2012, it got out of the predicament. This year, we can feel that it has returned to prosperity. Thailand's industry is dominated by OEM assembly. Automobiles, hard disks, and electronic products, etc., occupy a large proportion of the world. In the past four days, our products have been highly inquired about. The exhibition strategy mainly highlights the four major products of Everwide: epoxy resin, light-curing resin, modified silicone, and silicone. We cure the modified silicone resin on various plastic sheets, glass, metal, and other materials, showing its bonding characteristics in different materials. In addition to watching our products, customers can also experience the adhering attributes of the products by themselves, so that people watching the exhibition can interact with us and get a good response. For this exhibition, we want to thank distributor K-NET for their excellent assistance. After all, language is an important medium. Through the Thai language, letting customers understand Everwide products more directly is what we are particularly excited about this time. In recent years, the economies of the ASEAN countries have been a rising star and have many business opportunities. In addition to the Taiwan Pavilion this time, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc., have also organized groups to participate in this exhibition. It is a great learning opportunity. We must continue to work hard to promote good products. Beautiful Thailand, see you next time!

─Author: Mr. Zheng-Kuan, Yao


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