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Everwide Newsletter No.285

Experiment § Application of UV peelable mask

Generally, plastic sheets usually use a protective film to prevent the surface from being scratched and torn off before use (Figure 1).Some applications require a special-shaped film for temporary protection. Therefore, it is very troublesome to cut the protective film of a specific shape and then position and fit it. Thus, the screen-printable UV peelable mask was born. Figure 2 shows the special pattern that obtain by curing the peelable screen printing and then electroplating.Figure 3 shows the stripping of the protective adhesive and then expose the original white bottom layer and the texture obtained by electroplating. Tough, easy to release and no need to cutting are the characteristics of screen-printing UV peelable mask. Figure 4 is the finished product after processing. Figures 5 and 6 show the peel force required to evaluate peelable mask. The focus of research and development is that under a certain viscosity, the colloid cannot be broken when peeling, and the smaller the peeling force, the better. These characteristics sometimes conflict with each other, so a lot of experiments are needed to select raw materials. Everwide has developed many types of peelable masks, and you are welcome to click the symbols below for reference.

─Author: Ya-Ting, Lin


Activity § Implement ERP system

We started planning to introduce the ERP system last year. Everyone spent a lot of effort to discuss with consultants: What information is important to us? Which existing practices need to be changed? What adjustments can the software do? The PSI data has been online for more than half a year, and we are currently promoting production reporting. In the future, ERP information can show the various costs of products, and it can also enable better use of equipment and personnel. Teacher Yu said, "Only if having information can you "pay attention" and "compare". These are the basis for "cooperation" to improve efficiency."


Knowledge § Compare Epoxy with PU (3)

13. Toxicity of raw materials: The isocyanate compounds contained in PU are highly toxic, so Epoxy is relatively safer. 14. Material stability: The isocyanate contained in PU will react with moisture in the air to produce carbon dioxide and a gel-like solid cured substance, so be careful when storing it. In fact, Epoxy curing agent also has moisture absorption problems, but its reactivity is much lower than that of PU. 15. Cost: Generally, PU is cheaper for soft raw materials, and Epoxy is cheaper for hard raw materials; The fast curing system of PU is cheaper than that of Epoxy. The above is a rough distinction. The actual composition may cause different results. Conclusion: Epoxy is the second most used material in thermosetting plastics (unsaturated polyester is the most used). Considering cost, performance, and processing parameters, it is a material that takes all aspects into consideration. Recently, the development of EPU materials (PU grafted on Epoxy) has enabled Epoxy to have its original advantages and further include the characteristics of PU. In order to develop better materials for customers, it is worthy of our further research.


Living § Karuizawa trip

After arriving at Narita Airport, the weather was overcast and unstable, just as excited and nervous as my mood. Because it happened to be at the same place as the employee's travel, my thoughts were drawn back to the good memories of the time. Revisiting the old place gave me a happy feeling of "I'm back". What impressed me was Moomins Park with the theme of Finnish fairy tales. Once here, it was like entering a living fairytale world. I couldn’t believe that the home of the protagonist in the animation was vividly reproduced in front of my eyes, making me seem to travel back to the childhood. and was accompanied by the breeze. I was very relaxed and happy. The magnificence of Shiraito Falls was eye-catching, It was as beautiful as its name, the waterfall looked like a few white ribbons. in the distance. We also went to the Ikaho-omocha, which is said that the museum was not that big. But what makes people admire is the collection of items in the museum. The owner of the museum has collected them from all over the world over the years to create the scale of today. I took a lot of photos here because it was really beautiful. Next was Ikaho Onsen Street, which was full of the antique atmosphere just like Jiufen in Taiwan. It was pleasant to walk around here. In the evening, we went to a hot spring at Shima Onsen, one of the three famous hot springs in Japan, which is said to be able to cure 40,000 diseases. Going to a hot spring relieved me from the fatigue of the past few days, so I quickly fell asleep that night. After packing my bags and heading to the airport, I secretly thought of coming back next time, looking forward to seeing Japan again!

─Author: Chia-Jung, Tsai


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