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Everwide Newsletter-No.32

Experiment § Activated carbon flame retardant

Recently, activated carbon flame retardants have been tested for fire-resistant cases.

The results of the test burning are shown in the photos: 1. Figure 1 is the test piece before burning; 2. Figure 2 is the burning test piece; 3. Figure 3 is the test piece after burning. From Figure 2, it can be found that the activated carbon flame retardant will expand outward one by one like worms during combustion to achieve the effect of flame retardant.

Experimenters: Ming-xu, Li, Gui-xian, Liao, and Heng-rong, Li.


Character § Open-minded and optimistic personality, achieve professional value (Part 2)

Mr. Hui-xu, Li, Master of Materials Engineering, Columbia University, USA, Specialty: Photohardening Resin - Electronic Special Adhesive, Affiliated Laboratory: Lab-1

[Every time I understand, I forget to eat], Hui-xu, Li, who is accustomed to rational and logical thinking, in addition to his profound technical skills. His catchy words are all the poems of literati Yuan-ming, Tao, and Han-yu and their literary qualities. His love for literature stemmed from the fact that he always recited "The Finest of Ancient Prose" under the strict supervision of his father when he was a child. Nowadays, literary books are his greatest hobby after fighting with chemical analysis, but what is admirable is that he can directly implement the artistic conception of poetry into his learning attitude and encourage himself from time to time. Hui-xu, Li, who has devoted himself to chemical research and development for more than ten years and has always been immersed in the world of chemistry. He said, "The fun is cumulative, and no one is forcing me to study in my current position, but learning is less and less stressful, happier and happier, completely Enjoy it!" I appreciate the artistic conception as Tao Yuanming said: "If you like reading, you don't need to ask for deep understanding, and you will be happy to forget to eat." [The open-minded, optimistic character is fully revealed] Hui-xu, Li always shows an open-minded and enterprising outlook on life. He believes that setbacks are inevitable in life, but people often see them as soon as they change their minds. If they encounter setbacks on the road in a certain direction, they should be able to live with them instead of drifting with the flow and letting the fortunes dictate. He gave an example, "If you fall into the sea today, and you find that the moon is in this direction, rising from the east and set in the west, you know that if you swim to the east, you will swim to Taiwan, so you can try your best to swim forward, even if you are tired in the middle, but because once you have mastered the direction, you can rest for a while before continuing to swim. Even if you end up swimming somewhere else, at least you will land. It is completely different from floating and sinking without direction!" Hui-xu, Li often used this metaphor to encourage himself, as long as you can find your direction in the face of adversity and work hard to move forward, no matter the road at the fork point, you can all lead to success! In his thoughts, after leaving the society, in addition to education, the most important thing is experience and ability, "Don't be afraid of falling, where you fall, you must find a way to survive even better than when you fell!" Hui-xu, Li felt that life should look forward rather than backward. As long as you determine your primary goal at the moment, it would be best if you bravely move towards this goal. Like now, he chose the study, research, and development of professional chemical technology. He will work hard to make outstanding achievements on the road to professional research and development!

─Author: Ms. Qing-mei, Lu, Financial Specialist, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § What causes amine hardeners to agglomerate?

Some aliphatic amine hardeners have high hydrophilicity, which can quickly absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air and react to form ammonium carbonate. Agglomeration will occur when these ammonium carbonates cannot be dissolved in the original fatty amine. For example, common MXDA, IPDA, C260, etc., all have this kind of phenomenon. When these ammonium carbonates can be dissolved in the original fatty amine, the phenomenon of caking will not occur, for example, common DETA, TETA, NAEP, etc. However, this type of aliphatic amine still needs to be stored carefully because ammonium carbonate dissolved in the fatty amine will cause yellowing of the fatty amine. When it reacts with the epoxy resin, it will cause poor hardening and decrease mechanical strength, and foaming occurs. Since aromatic amines are weaker in basicity than aliphatic amines, the reactions mentioned above are relatively absent.


Living § Why does vacuuming reduce the temperature?

Continuation of Everwide Chemical Electronic News - Issue 30, not "brain teaser" (3).

In the company's vacuum oven, the temperature will drop by about 2 degrees when the air is exhausted, and it will return to the original room temperature after deflation. The vacuum oven uses a thermocouple to measure the temperature, and the "heat" measured by it is converted into "temperature" appears. How does it work to detect "heat"? We have all recited that the heat transfer methods are "conduction, convection, radiation." For the thermocouple in the vacuum oven, the heat conduction is that the iron sheet next to it transfers the heat to the couple (the heat conduction of the air is very poor, so it is ignored). Heat convection is air molecules that convert kinetic energy into heat energy through collision, which is detected by thermocouples; thermal radiation is like sunlight, and heat energy is felt when exposed to sunlight. For the thermocouple in the oven, the primary heat transfer method is thermal convection, and the action of vacuuming is to remove the air; of course, there is no thermal convection. Therefore, the thermocouple has less air collision and less heat source, and of course, the displayed temperature is reduced. The next question is, is this temperature a "real" decrease or a "fake"? Is the inside of the vacuum oven 2 degrees lower? Think again.

─Author: Dr. Ye-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


Message § Everwide e-newsletter

Everwide Chemical e-newsletter - The thirty-third issue was initially scheduled to be published on January 26 but coincided with the Lunar New Year, so it was postponed for a week. Thanks to the old rain and the new knowledge for the support and encouragement of Everwide Chemical e-newsletter, I would like to express my sincere gratitude! The production team of Everwide Chemical e-newsletter wishes everyone good health, happiness every day, and a happy new year!


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