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Everwide Newsletter No.358

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Experiment § Moisture Curing Screw Fixed Adhesive

Screw-fixed adhesive is often used to prevent loosening, leakage, and corrosion of screws. The common screw fixed adhesives on the market are mostly thread-locking adhesive or solvent-based synthetic resin adhesives. The thread-locking adhesive must contact with metal to curing, so there may be restrictions on plastic screws used in certain electronics industries. Although solvent-based synthetic resin adhesive can bonding with metal or plastic screws, as the current global environmental protection regulations for solvents are becoming more and more stringent, there is a need for solvent-free adhesive (Figure 1). We have developed solvent-free moisture-curing screw fixed adhesives, FS332-40 which is not easy to disassemble, and FS332-41 which is relatively easy to disassemble (Figure 2-4). This series product has many advantages: 1. It can be used for metal and plastic screws. 2. Solvent-free. 3. Comply with EU REACH regulations. 4. It can be cured at room temperature. 5. This adhesive can be adjusted in different colors according to customer needs (Figure 5). We are welcome interested customers to contact us. ——Author: Yu- Hsiang, Cheng


Activity § Donation of public welfare oil paintings

We purchased several oil paintings (Figure 1-3) created by SEVEN, an artist suffering from a rare disease. For more information about the author, please click on the link Let's support charity. The way to participate is as follows: 1. Please enter the website directly or scan the QR code to enter the page (Figure 4)from September 23rd (Thursday) to September 27th (Monday). The registration is finished after writing the relevant personal information. If you do not fill it out within the specified time period, you will be disqualified from participating. 2. According to the order of filling in the form, the top 18 winners will be selected, and the oil painting styles will be distributed randomly. 3. The list of winners will be announced via E-mail on September 28 (2). 4. Oil paintings will be sent out after September 29th (Wednesday), welcome to participate in the activity if you are interested.


Knowledge § Can add anti-aging agents prevent polymer aging? (3)

Compared with polymers, light absorbers have a strong ability to absorb ultraviolet, which can absorb a large part of the ultraviolet that originally hit on the polymer, reducing the damage of ultraviolet to the polymer. But the damage will still happen, just in fewer numbers and at a slower rate. Various types of antioxidants also have the same concept, which eliminates free radicals that are harmful to polymers and decomposes peroxides to protect the polymers. The protection of anti-aging agents will not be 100%, so the aging reaction of polymers can be slowed down, but there is no way to completely avoid it.


Living § Good memories in Tainan

When discussing Tainan, I believe many people will think of food and historical sites. I am from Taichung, but studying at Tainan University, so I have a special memory of it. As long as I had free time in college, I would visit famous local monuments and experience the unique culture with my friends, such as Chihkan Tower, Eternal Golden Castle, Confucius Temple, Chimei Museum, Blueprint Cultural, and Creative Park, etc. I was most impressed when I boarded the deck of the Deyang ship. When I looked into the distance, it seemed as if I was on a cruise mission in Cuba with wartime soldiers. Although I have graduated from university for a long time, I still visit Tainan non-stop. I like to ride around on a locomotive and discover new and characteristic landmarks along the way. The Hele Plaza in Tainan is one of my favorite new places recently. In addition, I especially like to take a walk near the "Blessing of Big Fish" in Anping Port to enjoy the beautiful night view, which can relax my body, mind, and soul. Of course, tasting local food is indispensable, such as beef soup, seafood porridge, fried sausage, etc., are all my favorite foods when I was a student and cultural habits. As long as you know more about Tainan, you will find that Taiwan is more beautiful than you think.

——Author: Chi Huai,Lai


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