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Everwide newsletter No.403

Experiment § Room temperature curing can be stripped

Some workpieces are curved and shaped, and it will be difficult to color or change patterns locally. Adhesive tape is commonly used in the industry to cover the area that should not be sprayed, and then remove the tape after spraying (Figure 1). The actual parts are large and small, the tape is difficult to stick smoothly and finely, the appearance effect of the sprayed workpiece is poor, and the defective rate may be relatively high. We designed the JD942 series and applied it with a brush (Figure. 2, 3). After painting, it can be removed with water or removed directly by hand, so it is very convenient (Figures 4, 5). The advantages of this product are water-based, solvent-free taste, hands-free, and environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that water-based pigments are not recommended. Welcome friends in need to contact us.

—Author: Miss. Su-Huan, Li


Activity § Publication of the learning results of the study

In addition to sequential internships at different stations and advanced training in specialized courses (Figures 1 and 2), two internship records have been added: "observation of workstations" and "getting to know colleagues in the department." These two forms can record current observations, action steps, considerations, etc. After four months of study, there will be a presentation of results, which can hone the ability to collect data and report on stage. Through mutual exchange and experience sharing, new colleagues can learn more, and the original colleagues can see the efforts of the new force (Figure 3~5)!


Knowledge § When to use wetting and dispersing additives? (1)

There are often occasions where powder and granules are dispersed into resins, such as dyeing with pigments, using fillers to provide specific functions, etc. There are three stages of mixing the powder into the resin: first, "wet," the surface tension of the liquid must be low enough to be able to unfold on the surface of the powder and granule. This is followed by "dispersion," in which the powdered granules that were originally agglomerated with each other are separated from each other and dispersed in the liquid because the liquid wets them. Finally, there is "stability," where the dispersed powder no longer attracts each other and comes together.


Living § Visit Tainan, the capital of gastronomy

Tainan is the capital of gastronomy and Yunlin drives to Tainan in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Introducing several impressive and delicious Tainan delicacies. First of all, in the Madou Central Market, the long-established store "Asuke Bowl Kueh," we can eat a full filling in every bite. There are many ingredients for the meat soup, the soup is sweet, and it is better to add a little black vinegar; "Huangjia Eel Pasta," The eel is very large and fresh, the pasta is finer, can absorb the soup, there is no problem that the pasta is too soft and rotten. The soup must also be added with black vinegar to enhance the taste. The rice cake next door to the eel pasta is also very good, Tainan rice cake is braised meat with meat floss, and the attached gherkin is very sweet, sour, and sweet. "Honggong Pho" is my favorite, I must order sour and spicy raw beef pho every time, the soup is sour and spicy, and the beef is very Q, this time I tried Vietnamese barbecue cold noodles, and the taste is super refreshing, will make people bite after bite, the barbecue is very large, and the side dishes must be fried spring rolls. Tainan beef soup, I recommend "A Tang Beef Soup." This soup is sweet and evenly dispersed. Adding a little rice wine to enhance the flavor will make the soup sweeter and more fragrant. The "Kexiangchao Egg Cake" breakfast shop will order food as soon as it opens, and if it is a little later, it will often take more than an hour to wait for the meal due to the excessive crowd. For breakfast, I eat mashed potato frittata with cheese, full of cheese, and mashed potatoes taste very dense, the roast meat is sufficient, and the mood immediately becomes particularly beautiful. There is a lot of delicious food in Tainan. The above are all Yiru think is good, and sincerely recommends, if you have the opportunity to come to Tainan, you must try it! In the future, we will continue to explore the food of various places and share it with you.

—Author: Miss. Yi-Ru, Li


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