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JB558-1 is a one component epoxy designed for the application of dip coating electronic devices. This product has excellent dimensional stability at room temperature and exhibits outstanding reaction with heat. JB558-1 offers good insulation and permeability to protect the devices.

1. JB558-1 is solvent-free, non-volatile, system.

2. JB558-1 has low viscosity, excellent fluidity and long pot life. It is special suited for casting electronic devices.

3. This resin has no volatile materials and will not release any toxic volatilizations.

4. The formulation of JB558-1 is ideally suited for use in thin cross-sectional thickness down to 1µm.

5. This product offers excellent thermal shock resistance.

6. The hardening surface will not exhibit a surface oiliness and poor gloss.

7. JB558-1 complies 2002/ 95EC the RoHS regulations.

B. Color 1 (resin): Brown
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