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How to use our service to solve your company's needs? For us, there are following processes as below:


Customers put forward their requirements.

Dut ot customers fail to meet their demand that the product they currently use such as cost, delivery, performance, etc. Customers ask us to develop "same grade products," and they also need us to develop the special formulas for their needs.


Our R&D and salesperson confirm whether there are suitable existing products or not.

Sometimes our existing products can meet the needs of customers for saving customers' waiting time and research sources.


Our R&D department conducts a "Feasibility assessment."

When we haven't developed that application before, the feasibility assessment processing is necessary. The study is including to the market demand, cost, technology, manufacturing process, raw material acquisition, etc.Those information provide us to evaluate whether we can do this case or not. The relevant information is recorded in Everwide's internal form (R-4-003 Project Development Record Form).


Using instrumental to analysis the same grade product

When the project belongs to the same grade product development, we need customers to provide the original product for us to analyze. Because simply comparing technical data sheet, it will make deviations and waste a lot of time.


Laboratory do the sample trial production run

The laboratory according to require of the original product's analysis or new applications of demand to blends out the appropriate formula.For analyzable range, the characteristics of these components will meet customer needs. There may also be features that do not meet the customer's needs, but they will not be discovered during the laboratory phase.


Provide sample service for testing to customers

When trying samples run at the customer's site, we may face some problems, and this phase is always the key whether a project is successful or not. Only through trial & error and multiple trials, we can control variables. We are always here with customers for learning and discussing together, designing modification, and formula adjustment.


7. According to the trial results to make the formula adjust properly

Some of the results show that the performance of the sample is not good enough, and some other formula's requirement is over-consideration because limited by some constraint. Based on these results, we may consider new conditions, adjust the formula, and then conduct trial production to verify that the direction of the modification is correct.

Professional development sometimes progresses quickly but sometimes face big bottleneck.
We face the unknown journey and proceed rationally step by step.

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