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We're united when facing hardships.


How may our service address the customer's needs? 


Customers provide a detailed informations about their requirements.

Customers often fail to meet their demand because of factors such as cost, delivery, and performance, etc. Customers thereofer reach out to us to develop "same-grade products," expecting us to develop a formulation that suit their needs.


R&D engineers and technical sales engineers evaluate the availibility of suitable existing products.

Under some circumstances, our existing products meet the needs of customers. We preliminary provide our customers existing products to waive their need of researching alternative sources.


R&D department conducts a "Feasibility Assessment".

Had we not develop a specific product before, the feasibility assessment is conducted. The assessment includes aspects such as market demand, cost, technology, manufacturing process, and raw material acquisition etc. Those information aids us to evaluate if the launch of a new project is feasible by any chance. The relevant information keeps a record in Everwide's internal form (R-4-003 Project Development Record Form).


Instrumental analysis on he same-grade products.

When the project aims to the same-grade product development, we ask our customers to provide the product they use to conduct analysis. By simply looking into the technical data sheet, there is limited information can be found. 


Trial production to be performed in laboratories.

R&D engineers perform trials on the possible compositions in products they obtained from customers to investigate the possible compositions. By performing such experiments, some features might be found suitable to the customer's need. 


Provide samples for testing on the customer's end.

When the samples run at the customer's site, we may encounter unexpected problems. This phase is a key to whether a project is successful or not. We cannot draw a conclusion of experimental results without endless trials & errors. We are always at our customer's side to learn and discuss together. Improvements are achieved by re-designing of formulations, or the re-adjustments of it.


Re-adjust the formulation based on the result obtained.

Some of the results show that the performance of samples we delivered require improvement. Some formulations were over-considered. Based on the result we summarize, we may consider new conditions, re-adjust the formulation, and conduct a trial production to validate the direction of the modification.

Project development sometimes progress quickly. Ocassionaly, it bottlenecks.
We face the unknown journey and proceed it rationally step by step.

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