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High-Level Traditional Industry



High-Level Traditional Industry


Since established in 2000, Everwide Chemical was started by traditional industries development applications. Because the Christmas art, glass art, glass & metal furniture, etc. At that time were all made of imported rubber. The local industry chain has the problem of high cost and long period of inventory, etc. Everwide Chemical committed to develop the products for the local industry. It has benefit and creates a win-win situation. All products of Everwide Chemical are according to the standards of relevant industrial requirements to designed, and have a series of environmental testing which are customer requirements.

We develop a series of glass bonding. These products exhibit water resistance, resistance to yellowing and excellent adhesion strength. This adhesive target is the local original equipment manufacturer which is made crystal jewelry and souvenirs in the world's largest amusement park, as well as exquisite glasses, red wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc.

Everwide Chemical products has more than ten years of experience in glass furniture adhesive, so the glass furniture adhesive of different materials is reliable. Metal materials can use in aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper. After bonding the glass destruction testing could make the material breakage. In a special plastic cup adhesive, this series of products has been produced for more than five years. It’s not easily to make the material breakage in the destruction testing due to the PC texture is tough, but in handle tensile testing is up to 100kgf/cm2. When bonding materials such as acrylic, PS, AS, MS, etc. Choose the appropriate adhesive and confirm the UV resin in the pot is completely dried, and it usually makes the material breakage in the destruction testing.


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