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Micro Inductor



Micro Inductor




Inductor have many types, depending on the appearance and function, and will have different names. Enamelled wire multi turn winding and inductance which used electromagnet and transformer, its names coil. High frequency provides a large electric resistance, through direct current or low frequency, it is often called choke and choke coil. Often used with ferromagnetic materials installed on the transformer, motors and generators of large inductance used, called winding. The wire through the magnetic substance and the coil as a small inductor for high-frequency filtering. It is often called bead.

The trend of this industry is more miniaturization and thinness, so the requirements of adhesive are getting higher. Everwide developed a series of adhesive. It is used for general consumer electronics and automotive electronic specifications. We can according to the customer’s different process and physical requirements to develop the adhesive. The product has non-banned substances that meet environmental protection requirements and pacifications of REACH, etc., suitable for the dispensing and printing requirements, low shrinkage during curing, low thermal expansion, and good insulation.


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