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If we can only choose one sentence to describe Everwide, we hope to be "a company like a school."

Basic Information

Address: No. 36, Dougong 6th Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County, 640153

(Douliu expands the industrial zone)

Industry: chemical Industry

Industry Description: Specialty Chemical Material Manufacturing

VAT number: 16584156

Capital amount: 40 million yuan

Number of employees: 150

Land area: 22,000 square meters

Company phone: 05-5574717

Company Fax: 05-5574719

Company website:


Everwide building
About Our Company

1. Research and Innovation.

We always improve our customer value. Our teams are composed of a group of young and senior engineers who have received professional academic training. Every team has a professional background in chemical materials. We believe that to fulfill your request. We can definitely achieve it.

2. We have professional engineers and overseas consultants. No matter what difficulties you encounter, solving your challenges is our challenge. You can contact us at any time, and we can serve you at any time.  You can use e-mail to inquire, or from the online service of this site, you can also call our business directly, we will reply to you immediately.  

3. Strive for the highest quality, Everwide Chemical's dedication to quality is absolutely worthy of your trust. You are welcome to give us your valuable advice and help us move in a better direction.

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