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Core Values

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Choosing the hardest path forces us to become the best.

Our mission: An outstanding material supplier for fine chemicals

With an advanced technology, the life cycles of products has greatly shortened. There are endless number of issues pending a solution for fine chemicals users. The cooperation with our materials suppliers is the key to solving such issue. Our sole mission is to become an outstanding material supplier for fine chemical products.

Our vision: Revenue target of NTD $500 million by 2020. Evolve into a medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan.
These are the way how we achieved our vision:

The Vision 2020 is on its way once we satisfy the urgent need of our customers. We review on what the current need of our customers, the future need of existing customers, and the potential need of our future customers. The answers to these question originate from our dedication. Apart from the well-familiar character of 'Materials Supplier', we begin cultivating an 'outstanding' content. Exceptional customers dedicate themselves into success, seeking exceptional peer for cooperation to facilitate their success.

Our core values: Research to Innovate, Dedication of Values

Seek potentials of development through our work, creating novel modes of values. We dedicate ourself in spreading these values for the interest of our society.

Our trademark:




A simple E

representing Everwide 

Our Trademarks and Values

In 1999, Mr. Wang Weizhi, a colleague who served in Kinmen, drew this diagram with a pencil. It originally represents the company's English abbreviation E. The colors were matched with red and blue for pure aesthetics.

Letter E

Many people on behalf of Everwide Chemical mentioned Everwide, thinking of the equipment, manpower, and capabilities of the R&D department. In fact, roles in every department requires research and development. The significance of our research and development work.








Torch handle

The Flying Man Design

Humans are constantly seeking breakthroughs: How can they travel faster, higher, and farer? How can they be more meaningful and happier? The key of breakthroughs is to create and innovate.

Our Trademarks and Values

Human civilization begins with the knowledge of fire. This torch represents warmth and light,  focusing on their transmission. We dedicate to transmit warmth and light through our dedicated work in the chemical engineering industry.

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