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R&D Organization

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The R&D Department of Everwide is divided into four divisions.

R&D Division I:

UV-cured resin and modified silicone are dedicated to produce electronic products for:

1. Cable points reinforcement 2. Battery module reinforcement 3. Micro-speaker 4. Optical lens module 5. Temperary fixation of optical lens 6. Pre-preg of glass fiber fabrics 7. Anti-forgery tag encapsulant 8. 3D printing material 9. Electric motorbike control panel 10. Medical mask adhesion

R&D Division II:

Focuses on photo-cured acrylic resin, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), two-component acrylic adhesives for ultra-low surface energy. Its products are extensively utilized in:

1. Glass crafts and furnitures. 2. Plastic crafts and gifts, PET packaging 3. The adhesion and coating material for PVC films 4. Adhesive materials for micro-speakers 5. PET anti-fog films 6. Optical films. 7. IMD extrusion compatible materials 8. Optical lens modules 9. Botton in lifts 10. Furniture decorations 11. PP panel for automobile 12. LCD panel frame adhesive 13. Optoelectronic VRAR casing adhesion 14. Boat structural component applications

R&D Division III:


Specializes in one/two-component epoxy formulation with a versitile derivatives.

1. Optical lens module (C-MOS, CCD modules) 2. LED chip packaging and potting 3. Sealant and water-proof in automotive optoelectronics 4. Radiator fan and electrical engineering motor 5. Bicycle and sport gear relavant applications 6. Chip-on-board (COB) packaging, SMT dual panel temperary fixation, BGA and CSP chip bottom fill 7. Precision assembly of optoelectronic components 8. Optical fiber connector assembly, optical signal amplifier assembly 9. High thermal conductivity one/two-component thermally conductive adhesive/grease 10. Automotive/aerospace grade water-proof sealant 11. Composite flooring 12. Lamination of quartz chips

R&D Division IV:


Pays special attention to composite material, electrical insulation potting compounds, powder metallurgy iron wick used epoxy. The developed products include:
1. Carbon fiber reinforced composite, glass fiber pre-preg (filament winding, hand lay-up, resin transform molding) 2. Large elecrtrical engineering insulation material 3. Electrosensitive magnetic component used compression-molded resin 4. Composite-used foaming resin 5. Sheet adhesives for joining composites 6. Pipeline repair 7. Urban underground renovation