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JB940 is a one-component epoxy that is designed for curing at temperature from 130 °C to 180°C. This resin exhibits excellent adhesion and impact strength. The crack and fatigue resistance of this product is outstanding in many vibrational applications. This resin is suited for structural devices, ceramics and plastics bonding. This product is recommended as a high-performance adhesive where reliability and durability are desired.

  1. This product exhibits high viscosity, but it has good sagging properties.
  2. The reactivity of this resin is good at a temperature higher than 120 °C.
  3. Cured product has good adhesion strength for different kinds of materials.
  4. This resin has good stable and re-workable properties.
  5. After the environmental test experiments, this resin still has good adhesion strength.
  6. This product complies to the 2002/95EC RoHS regulations.
B. Color 1 (resin): Grey
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