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FP098 is the latest successfully developed light-curing resin. The resin can be cured by ultraviolet light irradiation reaction to complete the adhesion of the PVA polarized film. The hardened material has high hardness and excellent solvent resistance. Solvents such as ethanol, methyl ethyl ketone, and toluene that are not resistant to general UV glue can be overcome. It is currently a fairly reliable light-hardening epoxy resin.


1. This product has good chemical resistance and durability.
2. This resin is completely free of carcinogens, and the safety and hygiene are the most guaranteed.
3. This product can exert the highest bonding strength after molding, and the method of use is simple and reliable.
4. This product complies with 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.

B. Color 1 (resin): transparent
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