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FS132-14 is a tin-free version for fluorescence detection. Because the EU starts to restrict DBT, we need to find a substitute material. This resin has good adhesion and flexibility to metals, glass, and plastics, such as PMMA, PVC, PET, and Nylon. This product is alkoxy and neutral resin, and it has minimum erosion to substrates. This resin is environmental, mild, odor-free, and easy to use. This product is a flexible silicone that is used widely in various areas.

  1. It should be applied to a clean surface that is free of dirt, grease, or mold release. In many cases, a simple solvent wipe is sufficient.
  2. Pour or brush this product onto the substrates, it does not recommend to stir to avoid interfusing the air. This product will be cured with air. The curing properties depend on its thickness, curing temperature, and relative humidity.
  3. The bottom of the resin might not be cured in the thicker applications, such as casting because the bottom of the resin contacts moisture rarely. It is recommended to prolong the curing time in order to let the moisture spread from the surface to the bottom. It can also cast the resin two times. Cast the resin to half height the first time. When the surface is tacky, cast the resin for the second time.
  4. Use this product as soon as possible after opening the original packages. When not using, please replace the rid tightly and store it in a cool and dry place.
  5. Cure time on the real part will depend upon factors such as part geometry, materials to be bonded, bond line thickness, and humidity. The cure schedule should be confirmed with actual production parts and equipment.
  6. The cured resin is not harmful to humans when touching the skin.
B. Color 1 (resin): White mist
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