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FS132BL13 Because of the EU starts to restrict DBT so we design this product. After this product reacts with moisture in the air, neutral alcohols will be released, further causing curing reaction. This resin has good adhesion and flexibility to plastics, metals and glass. This product is dealcoholized neutral resin, and it has minimum erosion to substrates. This resin is environmental, mild, odor-free, easy to use. This product is a flexible silicone that is used widly in various areas.

1. This product does not contain tin compounds.

2. This resin has flexible properties and absorb fracture energy.

3. This product has stable properties in a wide range of temperature.

4. This product does not volatilize low molecular weight siloxane compounds. It will not pollute the electronic devices.

5. This resin is one component product without mixing. It is easy to use.

6. This product has stable properties and is able to storage in the room temperature.

7. This resin will fast cure in the air. It can have surface dryness in a short time.

8. This prodcut complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.

B. Color 1 (resin): black
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