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FS168W60 is a moisture-curing modified silicone adhesive developed mainly for thermal conductivity applications. After this product reacts with moisture in the air, neutral alcohols will be released, which will further cause a hardening reaction. This resin does not have the odor of deacidified Silicone during the reaction, nor does it have the toxicity of the isocyanate (NCO) in the traditional PU. It is a polymer material that takes into account the process and safety. The adhesive strength of this product to plastics is far better than that of Silicone.

1. This product has good thermal conductivity.
2. Has good viscosity operability.
3. This product is suitable for bonding a variety of materials.
4. This resin is flexible and can absorb damage energy.
5. This product has excellent stability in a wide range of temperature changes.
6. This product will not volatilize low molecular weight siloxane compounds, and will not cause pollution to electronic parts.
7. This resin is a single-liquid adhesive, does not need to be mixed and stirred, and the method of use is simple and convenient.
8. This product has good stability and can be stored at room temperature.
9. The resin reacts quickly when exposed to air, and the surface drying effect can be obtained in a short time.
10. This product complies with 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.

B. Color 1 (resin): White
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