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JB416-23 is a two component epoxy resin designed for fast cure. This resin exhibits high adhesion strength, greasy resistance, chemical and solvent resistance. This product is suited for plastics, ceramics, glass and metals binding. This resin is recommended as a general adhesive where convenience and speed at room temperature is desired.

  1. This resin exhibits good handling property for mixing.
  2. This product offers good adhesion strength to many plastic and metals.
  3. This product is able to reduce the working time and increase the efficiency at the same time.
  4. The hardening surface will not offer a surface oiliness and poor gloss.
  5. This product complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
  6. This product complies to chlorine < 900ppm, bromine < 900ppm, chlorine + bromine < 1500ppm.
  7. This product obeys UL94V-0 regulations.
B. Color 1 (resin): White
C. Color 2 (Hardener): milky
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