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JB648-3 is a UV curable epoxy resin developed as a sealer for electronic devices. The cured resin shows excellent adhesion strength, thermal-shock resistances and very low shrinkage during curing. This systems can be cured by just UV irradiation, however to produce optimum properties, need not only UV curing process but also heating process. For its performance and reliability, this resin is uesd in many critical applications, such as OLED and C-MOS.

1. This product is stable for storage and offers long shelf life.

2. This resin will not release by-products and exhibit low volume shrinkage during curing.

3. This resin is designed for applying to substrate by sealer and dispensers.

4. This product forms an outstanding bonding with glass, metals and ITO.

5. This resin is lower moisture permeability than the other competitors.

6. Cured resin is effective against moisture and water.

7. The retained strength of this product after environmental test experiments is excellent.

8. This resin is solvent free, nonvolatile and low taint resin.

9. This product complies to the 2011/ 65/EU RoHS regulations.

B. Color 1 (resin): Taupe
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