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JB735 is two component epoxy. This product has good viscosity and toughness. Cured resin forms a tough, white bondline. This product exhibits high adhesion strength, greasy resistance, chemical and solvent resistance. This resin has good electrical insulation properties, and it is suited for glass, ceramics, plastics and metals bonding.

  1. This product offers high speed of bonding at room temperature. It is able to reduce the working time and increase the efficiency at the same time.
  2. This resin has excellent retention of electrical insulation properties under high humidity conditions.
  3. This product exhibits good viscosity and excellent thixotropy. It can be controlled flow and have sag resistance.
  4. For its performance and reliability, this resin is used widly in various areas.
  5. This product complies to the 2011/ 65/EU RoHS regulations.
B. Color 1 (resin): White
C. Color 2 (Hardener): Off-white
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