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JC056-1 is a two-component epoxy resin specially developed for the plastic, metal and construction industries. The surface glossiness of this resin is excellent after hardening. This product has the two major characteristics of simple use and rapid hardening at room temperature. It is a widely used epoxy resin. This product has good adhesion after hardening, and has good resistance to grease, chemicals and solvents. This product has a high degree of toughness after hardening, and can have excellent bonding strength in both tear mode and shear mode experiments. In many vibration experiments, this resin has shown good fatigue resistance and anti-cracking properties. Due to its special performance and reliability, this product can not only be applied to the bonding of plastics and metals, but also to the bonding of building materials such as concrete and limestone.

1. This resin has medium viscosity and thixotropy, and will not sag during processing and hardening.
2. In a high humidity environment, this product still has good electrical insulation properties.
3. This product can provide good adhesion after hardening, and is suitable for various types of plastics and metals.
4. This resin has good shear strength and tear strength.
5. The adhesive strength retained by this product after environmental testing is still good.
6. This product complies with the RoHS regulations of 2011/65/EU.

B. Color 1 (resin): black
C. Color 2 (Hardener): yellow
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