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JC764-13 is a single-component low-chlorine epoxy resin adhesive developed for electronic products. This resin has lower chlorine content than previous epoxy resins and meets more stringent chlorine standards. This product can form a strong structure with excellent shear, tear and impact strength. This resin has excellent durability and can pass many different environmental tests.

1. 本產品為無溶劑型環氧樹脂。
2. 本樹脂具有中等的黏度,加工時不會任意流動。
3. 溫度大於120°C時,本產品會表現出很強的反應性。
4. 本產品硬化物對於元件具有極佳的保護效果。
5. 本產品符合2011/65/EU RoHS法規規範。
6. 本產品符合氯<900ppm,溴<900ppm,氯+溴<1500ppm。

B. Color 1 (resin): Grey
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