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JC817-3 is one component epoxy for electronic devices and it is also suited for the application of electronic devices dam, insulation, moisture resistance, encapsulation and bonding. The resin offers good machinability and stability. This product exhibits high adhesion strength, greasy resistance, chemical and solvent resistance. The durability of this product is very high levels and this resin can pass many environmental test experiments. For its characteristic and reliability, this resin is used widly in various areas, as a high performance adhesive.

1. This resin exhibits medium viscosity and good leveling properties.

2. Cured product has good grinding properties.

3. Cured resin is matted surface.

4. This resin has excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

5. It is highly vibrate-resist at ordinary temperature.

6. The retained strength of this resin after environmental test experiments is excellent.

7. This product complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.

8. This product complies to chlorine < 900ppm, bromine < 900ppm, chlorine + bromine < 1500ppm.

B. Color 1 (resin): black
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