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This product is a reworkable single-component epoxy resin adhesive developed for electronic products. This resin has good operability and can be widely used in the filling, filling and packaging of electronic products. This product can quickly harden at high temperature, which can reduce processing time and improve work efficiency at the same time. It can form a strong structure with excellent shear, tear and impact strength. This resin has excellent durability and can pass many different environmental tests. When underfilling CSP and BGA chips, it can buffer the expansion and contraction stress of the solder ball contacts and can buffer the shear force conducted by the reaction force during the drop test.

1. This product is a solvent-free single-component epoxy resin completely free of volatile substances and will not release toxins.
2. This resin has the characteristics of low viscosity and high fluidity and is easy to operate.
3. The surface of the hardened product of this product will not appear greasy and low gloss.
4. When the temperature is 150°C, it will show strong reactivity.
5. This resin has a high degree of repeated flexibility, fatigue resistance and anti-cracking ability.
6. This product complies with 2002/95EC RoHS regulations.
7. This product complies with chlorine <900ppm, bromine <900ppm, and chlorine and bromine <1500ppm.

B. Color 1 (resin): black
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