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JD190-41 is a single-component epoxy resin adhesive developed for the bonding of electronic components. This product has good adhesion after hardening. This product is a medium and low temperature hardening resin, suitable for bonding between various materials. This resin has excellent durability. It has passed many different environmental tests and is suitable for applications that require low precipitation in the bonding area, such as the assembly of optical lens voice coil motors and C-MOS and the bonding of thermal components.

1. 本產品為無溶劑型單液環氧樹脂。
2. 本產品具有低析出物的特性,可減少汙然產生。
3. 本樹脂硬化物的表面不會出現油膩的現象,硬化物呈現低光澤。
4. 在高濕度環境下,本產品仍然具有良好的電子絕緣特性。
5. 本樹脂硬化後對化學藥品與溶劑均有良好的抵抗能力。
6. 硬化物對於元件具有極佳的保護效果及耐震作用。
7. 完美解決接縫處樹脂硬化劑沒有跟上,造成薄層會不乾的固化不良現象。
8. 本樹脂添加螢光劑,以方便辨識
9. 適合細小針頭點膠,出膠順暢。
10.本產品符合2011/65/EU RoHS法規規範。

B. Color 1 (resin): black
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