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JD322 is a single-component epoxy resin adhesive developed for the bonding of electronic components. This product has good adhesion after hardening. This product is a medium and low temperature hardening resin, suitable for bonding between various materials, and is more excellent for bonding plastics. This resin has excellent durability, has passed many different environmental tests, and is suitable for the assembly of memory cards and C-MOS and the bonding of thermal components.

1. This product is a solvent-free single-component epoxy resin.
2. The surface of this resin hardened product will not appear greasy, and the hardened product will show low gloss.
3. In a high humidity environment, this product still has good electrical insulation properties.
4. The resin has good resistance to chemicals and solvents after hardening.
5. The hardened material has an excellent protective effect and shock resistance for the components.
6. This resin has good dimensional stability in a considerable temperature range.
7. This product complies with 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
8. This product conforms to low halogen, chlorine <900ppm, bromine <900ppm, chlorine bromine

B. Color 1 (resin): black
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