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Composites Materials -Epoxy Resin

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Epoxy Resin

Composites Materials-Metal + Carbon Fiber Fiber Products

Composite materials is a hot topic in recent years and the application of film adhesive is more and more people know about that. Compared with the adhesive,the film adhesive has the characteristics of good handling and easy to control flowing it can avoid leakage of adhesive and the improve the bonding strength unstable.

In addition, When the metal and the composite material are bonded together, potential corrosion is often caused by the potential difference, it makes degumming between the adhesive and the substrate.

In view of this, the insulating material contained in the film adhesive not only solves the problems by potential corrosion, but also has fatigue resistance and high shear strength.

Because of the different applications of the customers, it would be change the film adhesive size and thickness.

Customized service has become a major advantage of Everwide.

Principle Applicable:

Adding special filler and rubber to enhance the impact resistance, some bonding positions need to control the adhesive thickness to have good bonding strenght with the fiber products.

After bonding positioning and pressurization are cured, the gule can infiltration into the pores of the substrate completely.

Adhesive Application:

Bicycle, carbon fiber composite, sport equipments.

Epoxy Resin

Composites Materials-Carbon fiberglass fiber, glass fiber of impregnation molding material

Principle Applicable:

There are many different molding methods for fiber composite materials in the market. Such as, RTM, SMC/BMC, hot press forming, vacuum autoclave, pultrusion, forming winding , etc.Each molding method has its own formula resin properties. Everwide offers multiple products to satisfy customers needs. In addition to using in a large number of sport equipments, such as fishing rods, hockey sticks, bicycle racks, etc.In recent years, more and more applications battery brackets and robotic arms for electric vehicles.

Adhesive Application:

Bicycle, carbon fiber composite materials, sport equipments and other SMC (sheet molding compound) are suitable for filler and carbon fiber forming. The fiber is discontinuous fiber which shows an irregular state. The product has an initial sticky and it exhibits excellent toughness and hardness to improve the impact strength.

Epoxy Resin

Composite Materials - Hot Melt Materials

Principle Applicable:

In the hot press forming, vacuum autoclave moding and blow molding are commonly use in laminate and design materials in prepreg materials.

Most of the prepreg materials are impregnation and aging the fiber and epoxy resin to obtaine a initial sticky prepreg fabrics.

Our products have wet and high stiffness fiber characteristics and we can adjust the resin loss rate during molding for customers requestment.

According to the different methods of impregnation, it will be divided into solvent-free and solvent resin.

Everwide has considerable experience in these two types of prepreg resins, we can design the most suitable of prepreg resins for the customers processing.

In addition, we devide one component hot metal formula into two component and three component to meet the customer needs.

Adhesive Application:

Hot melt epoxy adhesive for composite materials. It has better flexibility compared with the general system and it is suitable for high toughness requirements.For high rigid carbon fiber has better infiltration.For the requirements of low RC prepregs, it also exhibits excellent impregnation effect.

Hot Melt - One Component

Hot Melt - Two Component Three Component

Epoxy Resin

Composites Materials-Molding material

Principle Applicable:

This low-viscosity resin is easy to operating. It exhibits fast cured in high temperature, easy defoaming after mixing, flowability and operation. Cured resin shows good surface gloss.It has excellent durability and high impact resistance. This resin can pass many environmental test experiments.

Adhesive Application:

Bicycles, carbon fiber composites material and sport equipments to increase the impact strength of materials.

RTM Epoxy Resin


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