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Everwide Newsletter No.327

Experiment § One component polysulfide rubber

Following the 320th e-newsletter "First Experience of Polysulfide Rubber", we began to study moisture cured one component polysulfide rubber. General polysulfide rubber is often added with inorganic fillers in order to achieve reinforcement effect. However, this may make rubber too viscous to operate, and the appearance after curing exhibits dryness (Figure 1). We are adjusted formulation in easy operation and appearance of cured. By reducing the ratio of inorganic fillers and adjusting the processing process, we developed a version with better fluidity, which showed a smooth appearance after curing (Figure 2). Compare the before and after appearance (Figure 3). We also applied it to different materials, such as aluminum sheet, SBR, NBR, etc., to achieve the initial sealing (Figure 4, 5). Compared to two components polysulfide rubber and one component type, one component has advantages of easy operation and do not need to mix. Due to its moisture cured mechanism, it should avoid moisture content in storage. Polysulfide rubber has advantages of oil resistance, aging resistance, low air permeability and low temperature flexibility (Figure 6). If there is further development in the future, we will report readers.

─Author: Mr. Jing-Jie, Shen


Activity § Online product launch

Economic activity and trade entities have been greatly affected by COVID-19 in various countries, and the online cloud has become increasingly important for economic and trade marketing. In order to overcome the difficulties of overseas promotion, TAITRA has been holding several online conference. By using digital technology, cost reduction and epidemic prevention, TAITRA cooperate with Taiwan's high quality suppliers to show multifaceted and high quality of MIT products to the world. The theme of our participation this time is "High performance Electronic Materials". For making the presentation run smoothly, rehearsal, and photography equipment are absolutely necessary (Figure 1). On the day of publication, buyers (companies) from all over the world such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the number of online viewers reached more than one hundred (Figure 2). Modern technology not only shortens the distance between people, but also selling on creative market in different ways.


Knowledge § Wetting agent & defoamer conflict with each other

Substrate wetting agent is surface active substance, which floats on the surface of resin to reduce surface tension, so that resin can wet substrate. These surface-active substances can stabilize bubble film and bubbles not easy to break for causing defection of cured materials. Furthermore, adding defoamer in the resin will absorb surface-active substances or destroy their uniform distribution at the interface. It leads to the stable bubbles disappeared and achieving the purpose of defoaming. However, original effect of reducing surface tension is also destroyed.


Living § Everwide in my eyes

Everwide attaches importance to continuous learning. For example, the company will provide books that have positive inspiration for the work, and also arrange professional courses in instrumentation. What does make me most memorable? There are a great many people here. Colleagues are kindness even though I make mistakes at work. They never scolded me, and always solve problems at the fastest speed and teach us in the correct way. What impressed me the most was that the boss worked with us because of the manpower shortage. My internship department is on-site packaging. There are good working environment and neatly arranged things, which are completely different from the factories as far as I know. Unconsciously, the internship is coming to an end. I have learned a lot of things, such as professional knowledge, interpersonal relationship and work attitude. Finally, thank you very much for colleague’s care and attention.

─Author: Mr. Zheng-An, Chen

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