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Updated: Mar 7

INATRONICS is hosted by GEM INDONESIA, a well-known local exhibition company, and is supported by the Electronic Industry Association of Singapore (AEIS) and relevant Indonesian government units. For electronics manufacturers who want to create business opportunities and development in Indonesia, INATRONICS is the most representative local electronic components exhibition. INATRONICS 2024 and the concurrent exhibition are expected to have 650 exhibitors from around the world and more than 20,000 professional buyers.

Indonesian consumers like to spend their income on electronic products and home appliances in pursuit of comfort and entertainment, which is also a characteristic of the middle-class lifestyle in many parts of the world. This consumer trend is driven by urbanization and a booming residential real estate market in Indonesia's emerging economies, in addition to rising living standards. Indonesia has the opportunity to establish itself as a regional production hub for the manufacturing of domestic and global brand electronics and home appliances.

Exhibition date: March 06 , 2024 to March 08 , 2024 ( 3 days)

Exhibition location: Jakarta International Exhibition Center ( JIExpo ) , Indonesia

Exhibit items: electronic components, active/passive components, PCB manufacturing and assembly equipment, electronic parts manufacturing materials and equipment, wire cables, connectors, power supplies, various displays, microelectronics and packaging, optical and optoelectronic components, embedded systems and solutions, inspection and measurement equipment, SMD components, SMT equipment and materials, ICT equipment, etc.

booth number :D1F2-08


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