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Everwide newslette No.53

Experiment § Discussion on surface dryness

Most of the photocuring reactions are carried out in the air according to the principle of free radical polymerization, as shown in equation (1). Photoinitiators absorb light energy into excited states, which then decompose to generate free radicals. The free radicals will continue to react with the monomers to obtain a crosslinked polymer, as shown in equation (2). In this process, the oxygen molecules in the air have a hindering effect that cannot be ignored. The first reason is that the photoinitiator in an excited state absorbs light energy, and its energy is transferred by oxygen molecules, as shown in equation (3). The ability to decompose to generate free radicals is lost, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of the initiator. The second reason is that the free radicals in the polymerization process also react with oxygen in the air to generate peroxide free radicals, as shown in equations (4), (5). The reaction speed of free radicals and oxygen is hundreds of times faster than the reaction speed of free radicals and monomers, while the reaction speed of the generated peroxide radicals with monomers is very slow, which affects the reaction speed. These two effects are most pronounced at the location where the resin comes into contact with air (usually the surface), with a slightly lower reaction rate and poorer scratch resistance on the surface of the resin. If it is more serious, the surface will feel oily and sticky. When the coating film is very thin, there are even cases where it cannot be cured at all. (The chemical equation mentioned in the text is shown in the attached picture.)

─Author: Ms. Miao-Ling, Lin R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Interactive platform § The driving force of progress is new project presentations

In order to strengthen the research and development strength, Everwide Chemical has held a new project presentation meeting every month since 2009. It mainly invites R&D personnel from various departments to conduct experimental discussions and exchange activities for new product announcements. In addition to introducing the latest research and development products of each department, the meeting also conducted experimental discussions to encourage the research and development personnel of each department to acquire new knowledge and make continuous progress. Over the past few months, more than 40 new product reports have been accumulated, and the number of seminars has exceeded 20 hours.

"R&D and innovation to improve customer value" is the business philosophy of Everwide Chemical, and "Mastering customer needs and solving all problems" is the method and belief of Everwide Chemical's continuous progress. We are convinced that under the tempering of time and experiment, Everwide Chemical's research and development strength will become stronger and stronger!


Knowledge § What are reactive and non-reactive diluents?

Reactive diluent means that the diluent added to the resin has functional groups, which will react with the resin and become part of the resin structure. If the amount of reactive diluent added is within 10 Phr, it has little effect on the resin as a whole. When this ratio is exceeded, the Tg of the resin will decrease with the increase of the additional amount. Reactive diluents with more functional groups have less influence on the overall properties of the resin. Non-reactive diluent means that the diluent added to the resin will not react with the resin and will not become part of the resin structure. Non-reactive diluents will remain in the resin structure and have a great impact on the overall properties of the resin. Therefore, long-term effects such as application temperature, environment, and system compatibility should be considered in use.


Living § Martial arts practice

Is it "to raise soldiers for a thousand days for one dynasty", or "to hate fewer books when they are used"?

When we knew that Everwide would still participate in the International Electronics Fair this year, all the exhibitors held a meeting and spread out the review report of last year, so that everyone can read it carefully and have a preliminary understanding of "what is an exhibition"? Those who have participated in the exhibition will know that the hardships during the exhibition are not experienced by ordinary people. In addition, only two colleagues in the participating group have participated in the exhibition. Therefore, the inheritance of experience is a very important thing. What needs to be improved for last year's exhibition? What's the gimmick of this year's exhibition? Everyone's ideas are different, so we have to rely on constant discussion and brainstorming before we can get results. I have to be fortunate that the colleagues participating in this exhibition have their own opinions and are willing to accept the suggestions of others. Therefore, the meeting and discussion before the exhibition went very smoothly, and the work they were responsible for was also completed within the time limit. Centripetal force and cohesion are fully revealed in this exhibitor group. There is no other reason because everyone's only goal is to successfully complete the electronic exhibition. Everyone's nerves were tense as the four-day exhibition began. Even if you practice many times beforehand, you still dare not relax. The real problem lies in how to deal with customers from different fields and how to present the product. These are all problems that each needs to overcome. I am very pleased that the colleagues who participated in this exhibition were highly cooperative and fully prepared for their homework. Even when faced with a topic that is not his expertise, he still talks to customers without stopping, rather than putting them on the sidelines or asking for support. Such a positive spirit should be the focus of everyone's study. When the general manager told me that this exhibition should let everyone play by themselves, my mind went blank, and I was afraid that we would destroy the exhibition. Although in the review report after the conference, we found many areas for improvement, this exhibition also taught us a lot. When you face a difficulty, you have to find a way to understand it and solve it. When you encounter a problem, it is very simple and easy to pass the problem to others, but blindly escaping it is only in exchange for a bigger problem. Participating in exhibitions can be regarded as educational training, giving yourself a chance to train yourself and expand your horizons. Do something well with your heart, in addition to making yourself have a clear conscience, you can also affirm yourself. The power of one person can only hold up a small corner of Everwide. If everyone pours out all their strengths, the power of unity will only make Everwide grow and thrive.

Please put aside your timidity and exercise yourself in different ways to make yourself stronger!

─Author: Ms. Heng-Rong, Li the representative of document management, Everwide Chemical


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