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Everwide Newsletter-No.100

Experiment § New structure of RTV adhesive

The most important representative of moisture-curing adhesives is RTV silicone (Silicon). Silicone is cheap and has good adhesion to metals, glass, and ceramics. However, the bonding effect of silicone on organic materials is not good. The hardening process will produce organic volatiles (mostly methanol). Low surface tension will also cause difficulties in subsequent bonding and coating and will release low molecular weight. Siloxane causes the pollution of optoelectronic components, so RTV silicone had its shortcomings in the application.

Everwide FS035 series products are a new generation of moisture-curing adhesives. This series retains the reaction principle of silicone but eliminates the silicone structure of dimethylsiloxane and changes to polyacrylate modified polyether resin. In this way, it can bond inorganic substances and bond with organic materials such as PC, PVC, ABS, PET, PMMA and avoid the shortcomings of traditional RTV silicone. The picture on the left shows that FS035 still has incredibly soft characteristics; in the tear mode test, the adhesion to the substrate is often greater than its strength. We will continue to develop RTVs with different structures to meet the needs of various applications.

─Author: Mr. Shi-ming, Zheng, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Activity § 2011 Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition

The "37th Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition" hosted by the Republic of China Foreign Trade Development Association (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association (TEEMA) will be grandly held in the Nangang Exhibition Hall of the Taipei World Trade Center from October 10th to 13th, 2011 display. You may not know that the lightweight carbon fiber bicycle is made of resin bonding and soil filling. IMD and IMR products engrave the beautiful shell patterns of mobile phones and laptops. Everwide Chemical is a resin formulation factory that cooperates with customers to develop materials and devotes itself to major industries. This year, we will show the products of the exhibition into three parts: people's livelihood products, 3C applications, and composite materials. From the perfusion of car lights to the hydrolyzed glue for cutting C-MOS lenses, Everwide products are everywhere, waiting for you to explore. Our booth number: K1116.


Knowledge § Which plastic materials are suitable for UV glue?

The most suitable plastic materials for the UV glue of the acrylic system are as follows: PC, ABS, PVC, PS, Acrylate, MS, SAN, etc. Most of them are non-crystalline thermoplastic plastics. Crystalline plastics such as Nylon, PET, PBT, etc. The general UV glue has poor bonding strength. You can try to use special composition UV glue or surface treatment to improve the bonding. When the surface treatment is not performed at all, the plastic materials that the UV glue of the acrylic system cannot bond are as follows: PE, PP, Silicone, etc.


Reward § How can a 50-gallon empty bucket collapse by itself?

One day my son asked me, "Do you believe that we can make a big gasoline tank squash by itself without any effort?" He said he had watched it on a science video made in Japan and hoped that I could experiment. Prove that what is said in the videotape is true: a 50-gallon (about 190 liters) gasoline tank collapses on its own without any effort. Please brainstorm and carry out this interesting and exciting physical science experiment together! Enter your answer into the following link before September 10th. The top three readers closest to the correct solution can get three books and a cake towel from Yunlin Xinglong Towel Factory. The correct answer will be announced in the next issue.

Tip 1: Heat expansion and contraction, the empty barrel cannot be severely deformed as shown in the figure. Tip 2: There is no such thing as an experiment that can be understood from the upper grades of elementary school to the junior high school level without the problematic and incomprehensible principles as imagined.

─Author: Ms. Miao-ling, Lin, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Living § 100 issues of the E-paper!

The original intention of the E-paper publication was to help the company publicize four years ago. At that time, we were young, and we started to explore with impulse. Until the 100 issues, the layout format was established, the editing skills were mature, and with the participation of many colleagues, the publication of the E-paper evolved into a habit. We have become accustomed to saying Hello to the 1900 readers of the E-paper every two weeks, reporting experimental findings, sharing knowledge, and letting everyone understand our views on the problem.

The E-paper will continue to evolve. It is hoped that its publication will gradually accumulate from a habit to a culture, and together we will shape a community that has never been seen before. Perhaps after the 1000th issue (the year 2054), readers at that time could be sure that the E-paper had indeed reached this state; now, we are the foundation of this culture. Please tell us which issue is your favorite! Enter the answer in the link below, and the top ten readers can get a Journey to the West package.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li / Ms. Heng-rong, Li, Everwide Chemical

Thriving 是奮發向上的意思,是永寬的電子報 內文編輯: 李姮蓉 版面設計: 曾文政 電子郵件


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