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Everwide Newsletter-No.103

Experiment § The relationship between rainbow pattern and Hard Coating

To improve the hardness of the PET sheet, it is often necessary to do Hard Coating on ​​the surface of the PET. In the Hard Coating process, the appearance of rainbow patterns is the most trouble. As shown in the right picture, the rainbow patterns cover the entire PET sheet, and the left image is the control group without rainbow patterns. After the PET sheet is coated with UV coating, the following basic properties must be tested first: (1) Is the subsequent 100-grid test OK? (2) Does the pencil hardness 3H pass? (3) Does the warpage pass after the 10-cm×10-cm sheet is baked at 90°C and 150°C for one hour? (4) Has the abrasion resistance test passed? (5) Is the haze value below 1%? (6) Is the yellowing b value less than 1?

When the above conditions are all passed, we must further observe the situation of the rainbow pattern. If the rainbow pattern is shown in the upper right picture, all previous efforts are discarded, and everything will restart. The performance of the same set of UV glue coated on different brands of PET may be different; other glue parameters of different machines also affect the performance of the rainbow pattern. The same PET, different Primer surface treatments, and the addition of different solvents as diluents in the UV glue also profoundly affect the appearance of rainbow patterns. In short, we are sure of one thing; if you can solve the problem of rainbow patterns, you must be a leader in the coating industry.

─Author: Ms. Miao-ling, Lin, R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Activity § ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 internal audit activities

Everwide Chemical officially introduced the ISO14000 and OHSAS18000 systems in April 2011. After more than six months of guidance and promotion, the implementation committee and colleagues have finally approached the fruitful period. The company arranges internal audit activities from 10/17~10/21 through an internal audit to check whether half a year's results are good enough and prepare for the external evaluation in November; Everyone starts the final sprint; wait for the harvest!

─Author: Ms. Yu-zhi,Ai, Quality Management Representative, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § What is the principle of thermal conductive glue and thermal grease?

Thermal adhesive and thermal paste are materials that conduct heat flow between heating elements (such as power crystals) and heat dissipation elements (such as heat sink fins). Suppose there is a small gap between the heating element and the heat-dissipating element. In that case, it will often lead to poor heat dissipation efficiency because the thermal conductivity of air is only 0.03W/mK. If these tiny gaps are filled with relatively high thermal conductivity materials, the heat dissipation efficiency will be significantly improved. Generally, the thermal conductivity of organic resin is about 0.3W/mK. Adding alumina to the resin can increase the thermal conductivity to about 1W/mK; the thermal conductivity of adding aluminum nitride is about 2~3W/mK; the thermal conductivity of adding silver Around 7W/mK; the thermal conductivity of adding diamond can be as high as 14W/mK.

The most significant difference between thermally conductive adhesive and thermally conductive paste is that the former is used for permanent fixation, while the latter is used for easy disassembly. Sometimes, it is wrong to refer to thermally conductive adhesives and thermally conductive pastes as heat-dissipating adhesives and heat-dissipating pastes. The function of these materials is to "conduct" heat, and the "dissipation" of heat depends on cooling mechanisms such as fans, condenser tubes, fins, etc.


Living § The Cross-lake Swimming Carnival

It is the first time I have participated in the Sun Moon Lake Crossing. In addition to excitement and nervousness before entering the water, I thought about what it will be. Before that, My friend Vincent reminded me that there are only two steps, and the next step is the bottomless Sun Moon Lake. I don't think that there are still steps. Therefore, when I reached the starting point, I walked down two steps and jumped into the lake.

The feeling of not being able to step on the bottom is really scary. After everyone got into the lake, they started to swim forward slowly. Without a moment's effort, the colleagues in the same group had disappeared. Because I'm not used to stepping on the bottom, I didn't let go of the buoy and slowly kicked the water forward.

I want to thank Vincent for his company along the way. From the beginning to 1.5 kilometers, Vincent told me what kind of posture to relax to swim smoothly, and slowly accompanied me to kick and swim. Until 1.5 kilometers later, Vincent went all the way forward until I couldn't follow him. After that, he kicked on slowly. I have a thought in my heart: No wonder people who can swim still drown. Because swimming in the swimming pool, you can stand up and take a breath when you are tired, but swimming in the Sun Moon Lake, the bottomless fear will make people nervous, and the feeling of swimming training is entirely different from the usual swimming training.

I initially thought I could swim very smoothly, but the fear of not stepping on the bottom made my body stiffen unconsciously, and I didn't even draught when I breathed. I set the buoy about ten times; each time, I only swam for a short distance and pulled the buoy. I couldn't swim easily. It took two hours to finish. I really should challenge again next time! Participating in this Sun Moon Lake crossing is worthwhile! Everyone who only swims in the pool will know what actual swimming is if you swim in Sun Moon Lake.

─Author: Mr. Yan-ying, Li, Everwide Chemical

Thriving 是奮發向上的意思,是永寬的電子報 內文編輯: 李姮蓉 版面設計: 曾文政 電子郵件


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