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Everwide Newsletter-No.105

Experiment § Light-curing resin containing mercaptan

Some optical industries require low shrinkage, high light transmittance, and high refractive index after curing, such as adhesives for concave-convex lenses. For this application, Everwide Chemical uses multifunctional thiol compounds to meet the above requirements. For example, GA344 has low shrinkage (6.5%) and a high refractive index (1.52).

In the photo hardening system of free radical polymerization, the polyfunctional thiol compound has the characteristics of a chain transfer agent and a bridging agent. It is a unique compound. Its reaction mechanism is shown in the left picture: firstly produced by the initiator Int The radical Int‧ (Equation 1), then reacts with the monomer M to generate M‧ to initiate the polymerization reaction (Equation 2).

When the multifunctional thiol compound R-SH appears in the resin formula, the thiol group SH will undergo dehydrogenation reaction, which will stop the reaction of the polymerized free radical molecular chain (Equation 3), and at the same time generate a new free radical RS‧ Then start a new polymerization reaction M‧ with monomer M (Equation 4). The chain transfer reaction of mercaptans has a fast speed, is less susceptible to oxygen interference reaction, and can obtain products with good surface dryness. In summary, the light-curing resin containing mercaptan has the following advantages: 1. Improved photoreactivity. ; 2. Reduced hardening shrinkage; 3. Improved adhesion strength; 4. Improved transparency, I believe that excellent new applications can be developed in the future.

─Author: Mr. Dong-qi, Pan, Assistant R&D Engineer, Everwide Chemical


Activity § Roof convex cleaning

Recently, the air-conditioning pipes on the third floor always make the sound of running water. I thought it was because too much air-conditioning was turned on simultaneously, and the ice water was not distributed enough, so there was the sound of running water. Later, the primary school principal told me that weeds blocked the drainage pipe of the roof convex. The roof's flooding damaged the motor, and the cooling water could not be delivered enough, so there was the sound of water.

On Saturday, I went to see on the top floor of the second factory. The principal of the primary school had already cleaned up a lot of weeds. I will continue to clean up with three colleagues. It is hard to imagine that there is still a lot of sludge, moss, and garbage, and it is also a big problem to move it down after cleaning. Because the bulge is two stories high from the top floor, the trash is so heavy that no two people can move it, and the iron ladder can only accommodate one person at a time, so I had to use a trash bag outside a bread carton to throw it down. In the end, it took four people an hour and a half to clear out six cartons of rubbish. The previous working hours of the primary school principal have not yet been counted. Everyone asked me: "What do you do overtime on Saturday?" I really can't answer! Many invisible things need to be maintained in the operation of a company, which can never be done.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § Why are Nylon, PET... so not sticky?

Nylon and PET are both crystalline polymers, have considerable chemical resistance, and are not easily swelled by the composition of epoxy resin or light-hardening resin. Chemical substances that have good compatibility with Nylon and PET are usually high-boiling solvents, which are not easy to introduce into the adhesive structure. Therefore, Nylon and PET have always been troubled by adhesion.

Nylon and PET can be used with heat-curing epoxy resin to obtain a better bonding effect. Roughening the surface of the substrate or using Primer treatment can also increase the bonding strength.

Some commercially available PET surfaces are corona-treated. Some PET surface layers are amorphous PET (Amorphous), which can effectively improve the adhesion problem and are the preferred materials for customers. Some PET surfaces have been hard-coated. The result of this type of modification will increase the difficulty of the next step. It is necessary to test other resin formulations with a better affinity for inorganic systems.


Living § Thailand trip

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is located in the center of the Indochina Peninsula and is a developing country. This time, we embarked on a pious heart, starting from Thailand, hoping to learn more experience in this Buddhist country, connect the distribution network in Southeast Asia, and develop Everwide's marketing.

The time difference between Bangkok and Taiwan is one hour slower than Taiwan, and the air transportation between the two places is convenient, making it a holiday destination for many Taiwanese tourists. Thailand now adopts a constitutional monarchy system. The Thai king is the head of state, and the prime minister is responsible for the administration. Therefore, you can see pictures of the Thai king everywhere.

The pre-departure meeting, itinerary planning, and customer contact matters before departure have all taught me a lot of valuable experience. The other cultural differences and language barriers between Taiwan and Thailand are problems that we need to understand and overcome.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is already a well-developed and sound city, on par with Taipei. Convenient MRT and not low prices show that Bangkok is a new big city in Southeast Asia. The gap between rich and poor can be seen from the residential difference between suburbs and downtown.

The industrial areas are almost listed around Bangkok, including automobiles and their spare parts, computers and parts, etc. The industry is quite developed. Therefore, many Japanese automobile manufacturers such as TOYOTA and NISSAN have set up factories here. Moreover, the Thai government also plans a special promotion zone for investment by multinational companies and gives investment incentives.

Thailand has suffered from floods this year. The current flooding has endangered the surrounding factories. The flooding of Bangkok has caused many industries to shut down, and demand exceeds supply. The global climate has become extremely unstable and has a profound impact on all parts of the world. I hope that all the customers visited during this trip will be safe and smooth.

─Author: Business Engineer Mr. Zheng-kuan, Yao Everwide Chemical

Thriving 是奮發向上的意思,是永寬的電子報 內文編輯: 李姮蓉 版面設計: 曾文政 電子郵件

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