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Everwide Newsletter-No.108

Experiment § Where do so many tiny bubbles come from?

The left picture shows that many low-power solar wafers can be packaged with epoxy resin directly on the surface. In a recent case, no bubbles were found at the beginning of resin infusion, but after 3 to 4 hours, many tiny bubbles were found on the wafer. How come so many tiny bubbles suddenly appear?

From the perspective of the reaction principle of the resin, no tiny bubbles will be generated; customers using a two-component dispenser will not generate bubbles during the mixing process. It took a lot of effort to find the bottom line. The reason for the bubbles is very simple: the relationship between high-pressure air. To increase the speed of glue discharging and to ensure that different viscosity levels are easy to operate, the general glue dispensing machine will be filled with high-pressure air. The glue can be discharged smoothly through the push of air pressure. However, due to pressure, the air in the raw material tank will slowly dissolve into the resin. When the resin is poured on the surface of the wafer, and the pressure is released, the air dissolved in the resin will slowly escape. This phenomenon is the same as CO2 dissolved in soft drinks. And because these tiny bubbles cannot completely float to the surface before the resin hardens, they become defects. The method to improve this problem is not difficult; as long as the customer is asked to turn off the pressure-maintaining pipeline of the dispenser, do not introduce high-pressure air, and change to the way of natural glue, it can solve this phenomenon.

─Author: Assistant R&D Engineer Mr. Geng-chang, Shi Everwide Chemical


Activity § A model of independent work and independent learning

Our garden occupies a large area and needs gardeners to take care of it. One day, my uncle saw that the city office was sorting out the flower garden. Among them, an older man was working very hard, so he invited him to be our gardener. I am used to taking a breath from the window. I often see Mr. Ye working silently in the garden, occasionally standing in front of a big tree with hands on his hips. Mr. Ye is thoughtful about his work. He will organize the trails by himself, maybe transplant potted plants next week, and prune the trees in a while. We never bother to tell him what to do. Mr. Ye still has an old-fashioned Taiwanese insistence that he will not go home until the end of his work. I sometimes see him busy until six o'clock, and he must neatly arrange the garden's equipment.

Dad hopes to lay bricks around the trees to protect the trees from being hit by vehicles. Mr. Ye felt that the square brick structure was unsightly, so he picked up the steel bars and cement left by the third factory to pour out the round flower table. I was taken aback when I saw it and asked him where to study? He told me: You can't rely on others for this kind of trivial matter; you have to think of a solution yourself. I fainted because my mantra is: I won't! The gift box was given to a colleague during the holiday, my mother kept a copy for him, but he did not expect that Mr. Ye would reject it! He thinks that he is just doing his part of the job, so he can't accept extra gifts.

My uncle told me that Mr. Ye is a treasure, don't let him do too heavy work; only then can he give full play to his ability to do more ongoing work. I think it makes sense, so I often ask my colleagues to help organize the garden on Saturdays. Once Mr. Ye had to move a big stone and asked me to ask a colleague of an unmarried male for help. I asked him if he was married? He said seriously: After a man gets married, he will inevitably have soft feet. It may be due to the wisdom of the older generations. I am a person involved, so it is inconvenient to comment.


Knowledge § What is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)?

TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) is an abbreviation for Thermoplastic Elastomer and can also be regarded as a general term for all Thermoplastic Elastomers. Many standard elastomers are thermosetting materials (for example, rubber); once they are cured, they cannot be melted and processed; TPE has the characteristics of high-temperature melting and flow, lowering the temperature and cooling to form thermoplastic properties.

When the user indicates that particular material is TPE, he should be asked to clarify which type of elastomer it is. Otherwise, the parameter characteristics will be very different.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane); TPV (Thermoplastic vulcanization); TPR (Thermoplastic rubber); TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefins); TPEE (Thermoplastic polyester elastomer) Polyester elastomer); TPA (Polyamide thermoplastic elastomer).


Living § Work hard and enjoy life

About twenty years ago, the third uncle asked his cousin to write the eight characters "work hard, enjoy life" with paint on the back of the chemistry gate in big characters. Everyone in the factory can see these eight characters, and they will also pass through these eight characters when they get off work.

I also went to work there during the summer vacation in college. When I got the day's work fee (500 yuan) after work every day, I thought to myself: I want to go home to "enjoy life," and I can't wait for my second uncle to start the vehicle and drive me to escape the factory. I heard from my mother that the third uncle once gave 500 yuan to each employee when he was off work and asked everyone to go to the movies. At that time, I thought to myself: the third uncle is lovely; this is the best portrayal of asking everyone to "enjoy life." When I was young, the distance between the terms "work hard" and "enjoy life" was drawn far. "Working hard" is tired and unhappy, and it is a means to "enjoy life" that has to be exchanged.

As I get older, I find that "work hard" and "enjoy life" are not suitable for spaces between the two terms. With this kind of experience, the most important thing is to realize the work itself is also an inseparable life, consuming our lives. If we are not happy during this work period, then it is no different from chronic suicide; perhaps having the enthusiasm for enjoying life in hard work is the realm we want to pursue.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li Everwide Chemical

Thriving 是奮發向上的意思,是永寬的電子報 內文編輯: 李姮蓉 版面設計: 曾文政 電子郵件


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