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Everwide Newsletter-No.121

Experiment § Silicone resin under development

Silicone is a material with Si-O-Si as the main body. It has many excellent characteristics, such as 1. Excellent high and low-temperature resistance: maintain good physical and electrical properties within -40~200oC. 2. Good weather resistance: it is not easy to be polluted by the environment and can be stored outdoors for a long time without aging, hardening, cracking, and peeling. 3. Excellent electrical properties: Silicone is an inorganic substance, so it has excellent insulation and is very suitable for the infusion of electronic products. 4. Excellent shock absorption: The cured silicone product is an elastic body with excellent toughness, which can be used as a shock-absorbing material to cushion vibration and impact. In addition, it has good anti-ozone and ultraviolet aging properties, as well as excellent chemical stability. The main applications include adhesion, infusion, and mold release. Recently, a newly developed RTV single-component white silicone rubber has been widely used for bonding and caulking in the design of electronic parts and mechanisms. It has a fast surface drying time of about 15 minutes. It has considerable strength and toughness, high-temperature resistance, and no yellowing. The other kind of silicone is used to infuse electronic products as a transparent and colorless RTV single liquid, high-temperature resistance, surface drying for about 10 minutes, can be used to protect the circuit board from environmental influences maintain stable work and signals, such as multi-chemical atmospheres. High pollution and dusty environment, high humidity environment, extremely high and low-temperature environment. Silicone resin is a new direction for Everwide, and I believe there will be good products to meet with you soon.

─Author: Miss Guan-ling, Lin


Activity § Congratulations to the Municipal Shiliuguomin Junior High School Slow Softball Team for winning the gold medal!

Everwide Chemical has long supported junior and middle school sports competitions to encourage students to pay equal attention to the five educations. We have sponsored the Municipal Shiliuguomin Junior High School Slow Softball since its establishment for more than three years. With the support of principal Sheng-can, Wang, and coach Bai-sheng, Deng, it has participated in the National President's Cup Slow Base Championship for three consecutive years. At the end of last year, the team made it all the way through, beating its rival Taitung Municipal Peinanguomin Junior High School with a one-point gap of 8:7 in the championship game and winning the long-awaited gold medal. In addition, the outstanding performance of the players also won the best pitcher award (Ming-ting, Cai), the best strike award (Qi-long, Wang), and the best MVP (Fu-yu, Liu). The photo on the left was taken when President Ying-jeou, Ma summoned the slow softball team. Have you noticed that the orange font on the left chest of the jersey is embroidered with "Everwide Chemical"? While taking pictures, President Ma asked Coach Deng: "Is the Shiliu a place name? Where is it located?" The coach told him: "The Shiliu is on the outskirts of Douliu City, Yunlin County." He hoped that if the president passed by this small place, "Please remember-Shiliu." The editorial team of the Biweekly Newsletter hereby mentions: Everwide is also on "Shiliu"! For related reports, please click the following link:

─Author: Electronic Newsletter Editing Team


Knowledge § What types of common mold release agents are there?

1. Wax. For example, Brazilian wax, beeswax, ozokerite, etc. Most waxes are used as external release agents, and special consideration should be given to compatibility with resins when applied to internal release agents. 2. Silicon or Teflon resin. It is often made into canned sprays or wax-like external release agents. Certain resins can be used as internal release agents, but they will affect transparency and recoatability. 3. Stearate. For example, zinc stearate. It is often dispersed in resin and used as an internal release agent for opaque materials. Unlike other internal mold release agents, stearic acid needs to be heated and hardened before working. The price is relatively low, but it has a more significant impact on the product's physical properties. 4. Mold-Wiz products. Mold-Wiz company produces a series of internal and external mold release agents, advertised that they will not affect the product's appearance, physical properties, and recoatability, and they are products worth trying.


Living § Everwide Chemical in Douliu

For ten years, someone has been asking me why Everwide Chemical set up a factory in Douliu? Big question! Our whole family was Taipei people. Where is Douliu? I don't know if I don't check the map. Someone sent me a letter with the wrong address being "Douliu City, Changhua County" and "Douliu City, Chiayi County." My foreign friend Robert said: "Taiwanese knows America better than Douliu." I think this comment is right. When my mother has selected the location for Everwide Chemical, she considered the Zhongli Industrial Zone and Hsinchu Industrial Zone in the north, but the price is high so needs to give up. Then look at the Guanyin Industrial Zone and the Changhua Binhai Industrial Zone. Because of the long-distance and the corrosion of the sea, they were later abandoned. The Douliu Industrial Zone has an elegant environment and relatively low land prices, so it was chosen. However, there was no expressway in Douliu that year, and the traffic was inconvenient. This dilemma was not lifted until National Highway No. 3 was completed and opened to traffic a few years later. For my family and friends living in Taipei and millions of metropolitan residents, how can I live in the small Douliu area with a population of 100,000? It is difficult for them to understand. There is no high-speed rail, MRT, 24-hour bookstore, opera house, multinational department store, and splendid nightclub. It is an excellent place to concentrate on work. How should I introduce this? I want to start from the place name: the industrial zone is called "Shiliuban," next to it is "Meilin," behind it is "Yaogou," and there is "Hushanyan" not far away. From these place names alone, you can imagine the beautiful scenery and simple folk customs here. But let me tell you the correct answer: "Shiliuban" is a place where sand and gravel are produced. The sand and gravel are shaped like "Sheliu" (a kind of fruit). Later, "She" was changed to "Shi" to get its name; "Meilin" was initially named "Neilin," there are cultural relics left by the aboriginal people four thousand years ago; "Yaogou" is the name of the plant, called after many such plants appear in this hilly area; "Hushanyan" is the head of the Kangxi Ke-ming, Lin of the Qing Dynasty and Pingpu ethnic group indigenous owner of Douliu Chaili Society, Daqila, etc. jointly built a temple. Like place names, many things here exceed the rules of thumb of out-of-towners. Once my mother was out for a walk and encountered heavy rain. An aunt who didn't know her in the village saw it and offered to give my mother an umbrella to stay back at the factory. There are many things like this, which make me like Douliu far better than Taipei.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li


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