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Everwide Newsletter No.123

Experiment § The key of mixing glue in two-component hose packaging

Customers occasionally call to report: "The glue squeezed out of your two-component hose is not dry and sticky on the surface." After receiving such a message, we must first check the quality control glue kept in the factory, compare the quality control records, and then do the experimental test. During the experiment, we stirred the two solutions A and B by hand, and the result was a curing reaction, so there was no problem with the quality of our products. Why do customers respond that the glue does not dry? The problem often lies in the choice of mixing hose. There are cutting fins inside the glue mixing tube. Each fin can cut A glue and B glue into 2 parts. 2 fins can be cut into 4 parts, 13-section fins can be cut into 8192 parts, The 21-section fins can be cut into 2097152 parts. The more the number of fins, the more uniform the mixing. The picture on the left is a common glue mixing tube, from left to right are 5.4*21S, 4.0*17S, 3.0*17S, and 3.0*13S. Some formulas are easy to mix evenly, just use a small mixing tube and some formulas are more stringent for mixing and require a longer mixing tube. Generally, we recommend using a 5.4*21S glue mixing stick, which may not cause uneven glue mixing. After the rubber mixing tube is selected, do not change it at will. Before changing the model of the rubber mixing tube, be sure to test its mixing effect. Please refer to the instructions for using the one-component hose:

─ Author: Miss. Ming-Xiu, Lai


Activity § The longest ladder is the sky bridge in Taiwan

The beautiful Bagua Mountain ladder is located in the Houtanjing Scenic Area of Nantou City and has been named "Bridge in the Sky". On July 23, 101, it will be officially open to visitors and tours. The Sky Bridge is a stepped suspension bridge with a total length of 204 meters and 262 steps. It is known as the longest ladder suspension bridge in Taiwan. On the west side of the Sky Bridge, we can admire the Changhua Plain, the north side is the pineapple cake industrial area, and the south side leads to the eagle viewing platform so that the visitors are intoxicated in this picture-like beauty. Hundreds of blade-type solar LED lights are installed on both sides of the Sky Bridge, which absorb sunlight during the day and automatically sense to light up when the night is low. It can provide night bridge lighting and decoration without an additional power supply. This special-shaped blade-type solar LED light is an environmentally friendly product developed by our customers, bringing a better energy-saving topic to the "Bridge in the Sky". The glue on the LED lights is our Everwide product. You can pay attention to it when you visit. After the opening of the Sky Bridge, it attracts thousands of tourists to visit every day. You can "greet the sun and walk on the ladder" when you get up early. At night, you will be accompanied by the beautiful lights of the LED bridge. Should you also arrange your itinerary to visit here?

─ Author: Mr. Shi-Jie, Jian


Knowledge § Common types of primers and their functions?

Primer Chinese is often translated into the primer, in fact, its types and functions are quite diverse, as listed below: 1. Organosilanes are used to establish chemical bonds between inorganic surfaces and organic materials. 2. Organometallic, often used in hypoxic glue systems to increase the curing rate of hypoxic glue. 3. Alkaline catalyst is often used in instant glue systems to increase the curing rate of instant glue. 4. Long-chain aliphatic amines are often used in instant glue systems to increase the curing rate of instant glues and improve the adhesion to PE, PP, and Silicon. 5. Chlorinated rubber is coated on the surface of PE and PP to improve the adhesive strength of the adhesive. 6. The solvent-based adhesive is coated on the surface of the substrate and uses the solvent-based penetrating ability to create a higher anchor effect and improve the adhesion effect. 7. Other chemical substances are sometimes used as interface compatibility agents, sometimes use electrostatic adsorption, and sometimes improve the surface's corrosion resistance, etc. to improve the adhesion effect.


Living § It’s okay to experiment if you’re not sure

When I was young, my mother told stories about blind men and elephants. The epilogue of the story is written like this: "The blind men do not admit defeat to each other, and they all think that they must be right, so the quarrel is endless." "When we understand things, we must examine them from multiple angles in order to get the most comprehensive understanding. If you only know a part and think that you understand it all, and look at things one-sidedly, it may turn into a joke like a blind man. " Is it really a "joke" for the blind to recognize the elephant? Our company just sent this year's health check report to every colleague so that everyone can understand their physical condition. Doctors use blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, X-rays, vital capacity, blood pressure, etc. to assess the health of each person. What is the difference between this approach and the blind recognition of elephants? Perhaps this statement is too insulting to the doctor's professionalism, but please think about it carefully. It is true that the thing the blind touched is really an elephant, right? The blind man insists on the shape he has touched, and he also insists on his own professional touch. Of course, "no one agrees with whom, each of them thinks he must be right." If the funny thing about this story is that "you only know a part and think that you understand it all, so you can look at things one-sidedly", Then you look at the health check report to see if it is "partial", "one-sided", or "all understood"? The blind recognition of elephants made me realize that people have limitations in seeing things. We should be more humble to admit that there are many things we don't know. Even if your eyesight is normal, you just know a little bit better than the blind, and it is very likely that your touch is not as good as his. We should not use jokes to laugh at others and highlight our own advantages, because that is not an advantage at all.

——Author: Mrs. Ye-Xu, Li


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