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Everwide Newsletter No.125

Experiment § Unspeakable pressure: Henry's law

It is bubbling because of "unspeakable pressure": the customer fills the storage tank of the dispenser with resin, and then fills it with air pressure so that the resin can flow quickly in the pipeline according to the control of the dispenser. In this process, high-pressure air will dissolve into the resin. The air dissolved in the resin is constantly bubbling out like boiling water when it comes out of the glue mixing machine and returns to normal pressure. Many different types of resins will have this phenomenon when put into pressure tanks. As the air escapes, the resin will continuously overflow, so it feels that the viscosity becomes thinner. These problems may occur in the pressure tank storage equipment. Reducing the pressure of high-pressure air and shortening the storage time under pressure can reduce the amount of air dissolved in the resin and alleviate this bubbling phenomenon. The invisible air pressure does not mean it does not exist. Unspeakable pressure, everyone must be careful! For more exciting content, please link to "Henry's Law".

——Author: Mrs. Xu-Hui, Li


Activity § Learning Motivation: Reading Experience Report of Manufacturing Department

The colleagues in the manufacturing department will have 1 hour of education and training on Thursday morning, and the topics are labor safety, machine SOP, and retraining courses for colleagues who receive foreign training. One of the most challenging courses in the reading experience report. The report method is that two people form a team, select a book, and share their experience and report after reading the book. Of course, we will also have a scoring system. Everyone who attends the class needs to grade each group of reports and write down comments. The following are the contents of each group of personnel and theirs: 1. Ji Yuru, Zhang Jiafang: “The distance between the famous and the unknown is 0.05mm”. 2. Zhao Wenlin and Cai Jiarong: “Peaks and valleys represent the gift of life that transcends adversity and enjoys prosperity”. 3. Lin Yawen, You Yahui: “Work great liberation”. 4. Shen Caizhen, Jian Xueli: “Leaders do not need titles”. 5. Liao Jiawei and Zhang Zhiqiang: “A happy year at work”. 6. Zhuang Yanmi, Xu Shuzhen: “Promote without making bad things”. 7. Shi Xinxin, You Zhisheng: “I am more serious than others”. 8. Zhang Yanhao, Zhu Yuzhen: “Seven gifts”. 9. Li Yanying, Shen Shuru: “Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of the black young dragon”. 10. Huang Fulin, Luo Peirong: “Work improvement and creativity”.


Knowledge § What is TPR (Thermoplastic rubber)?

TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) is the abbreviation for thermoplastic rubber, usually refers to polystyrene elastomer. The hard segment in the TPR molecule is polystyrene (PS), and the soft segment is polybutadiene, so it is a block polymer composed of hard and soft segments. The PS of the hard segment is dispersed in the soft continuous phase of polybutadiene in spherical regions to form microphase separation to provide the strength of the elastomer, and at high temperatures, it presents the characteristics of homogeneous thermoplastics and has good processability. The representative products of TPR include the following: SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer), SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer), SEBS (styrene-ethylene‧butene-styrene block copolymer), SEPS (styrene-ethylene‧propylene-styrene block copolymer), etc., and blends of the above materials and PP. TPR is currently the world's largest produced thermoplastic elastomer. The physical properties of the finished product are quite extensive. Many properties are very similar to those of vulcanized rubber, but the disadvantage is that the heat resistance and oil resistance have their limits.


Living § My Carnegie note is as long as you do your best

I participated in Carnegie’s "Manager Leadership Class" and discussed the issue of values. The teacher suddenly sent a stack of small cards to everyone, each with a value, such as quality, loyalty, responsibility, etc. There are 33 cards in total. After the teacher asked us to browse through it, we then selected five cards according to their importance, and we briefly introduced the first card we chose. Why is there such an important place for "go all out" in my values? I think this is related to my experience in the entrance exam. When I was in junior high school, my grades could only be in the middle position, and I couldn't make a decisive improvement if I tried my best. During the high school entrance examination, I was admitted by the third choice of Taipei High School Joint Admissions. Among my relatives back then, students who attended Taipei Municipal Chien-Kuo Senior High School were finally admitted to National Taiwan University, and those who study Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School could only be admitted to private universities. When my father knew that I was admitted to Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School, he was very disappointed in me. I still remember the day when the list was published. I walked into the house and passed the living room. Dad was reading the newspaper. I said to my dad, "Dad, I passed the T Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School." My father lowered the newspaper a little bit, showed half of his face, said "Oh~", then raised the newspaper again and continued reading. I will never forget this scene. As the years have grown, I have deeply realized that many things are beyond our grasp. We do our best to study, and we may not suddenly become very smart. We work hard to develop customers, but we may not be able to achieve results soon. For the uncertainty of life, we are always anxious. To solve this situation, what is the criterion for letting yourself go and affirming others? "Go all out" and "just do your best" are the answers I have experienced. We should all ask ourselves about difficult things: "Did you go all out?" When the answer to ourselves is "Yes, we have tried our best." At this time, we can calmly accept any result.

——Author: Mrs. Ming-Xu, Li


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