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Everwide Newsletter No.126

Experiment § The source of solvent-based resin bubbles

Many solvent-based resins clearly defoam very cleanly, and the storage barrel of the dispenser does not hold pressure, but the glue that comes out will generate bubbles when it is baked, which is really puzzling! The answer to the question is actually easy to understand because the solvent contained in the formula will " sudden boiling " during the baking process. This phenomenon will cause large and small bubbles to emerge on the surface of the colloid. What is a sudden boiling phenomenon? When the liquid is heated to the boiling point, the molecules on the surface of the liquid can easily volatilize into a gas. But the molecules inside the liquid do not touch the outside air, and they have no way to turn it into the gas phase. Once a bubble appears in the liquid, many molecules suddenly have a way to turn them into the gas phase. At this time, the molecules in the liquid will rush to volatilize into this bubble, causing the bubble to suddenly expand. When it grows to a certain extent, the bubble will be like an explosion. This is the sudden boiling phenomenon. There are several ways to improve this phenomenon: 1. Adjust the ratio of solvents so that high and low boiling point solvents are matched with each other. 2. Change the baking conditions and use the method of stepwise heating. 3. Reduce the film thickness of the colloid and increase the probability of internal molecules contacting the outside. All of the above methods can improve the bubbles generated by sudden boiling.

——Author: Mrs. Zhi-Yu, Huang


Activity § 2012 Taipei International Electronic Industry Technology

The 38th Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition, sponsored by the TAITRA and the TEEMA, will be on display at the Nangang Exhibition Hall from October 9 to 12, 2012. Every year we meet with you in this exhibition, and this year is no exception. In this exhibition, we specially cooperated with Hongsheng Optoelectronics Company to exhibit a large rear projection screen. The principle is shown in the picture on the right. The display principle of the rear projection display is to place the projector behind the screen and project the displayed image onto the screen from the back end. Therefore, the rear projection display has better performance in resisting ambient light interference, has the advantages of good contrast, high uniformity, high resolution, etc., and can present good image quality both indoors and outdoors. This kind of imaging technology can overcome many shortcomings of the front projection screen and has gradually emerged. Welcome to our booth to open your eyes. Guess where Everwide’s products are used in rear projection screens? What's better is that we and Hongsheng Optoelectronics Company have prepared exquisite gifts for you. What's better is that we and Hongsheng Optoelectronics Company have prepared exquisite gifts for you. Everwide Chemical's booth number is I 1016


Knowledge § Things to pay attention to when developing one-component and two-component hoses

1. The inner plug of the one-component hose has two types: scraper type and straight-wall type. For general fluids, a scraper-type inner plug should be selected to prevent the glue from leaking from the inner plug, and the suck-back function of the dispenser can also overcome the phenomenon of glue dripping at the needle. For high-viscosity, high-thixotropy colloids, straight-walled inner plugs should be selected to avoid excessive residual pressure during dispensing. When a scraper-type inner plug is used for some highly thixotropic colloids, a large residual pressure will accumulate, and even the phenomenon of degumming the piston upwards, so we must pay special attention. 2. In the stage of developing a two-component glue hose, pay special attention to whether the five parameters of viscosity, thixotropy, mixing ratio, specific gravity, and compatibility between the resin and the hardener are too different. When the above situation occurs, it is easy to have uneven mixing. In order to ensure that the above situation does not occur, it is best to put the resin and curing agent in the hose, and then perform the actual mixing experiment. In the stage of applying the two-component hose, first, make sure that there are no badly packed bubbles in the hose, otherwise, it will cause the phenomenon of instability of the glue speed. Secondly, the glue discharge operation must be carried out to avoid the occurrence of inconsistent glue discharge at the front end. Finally, it is necessary to confirm whether the selected rubber mixing tube, length, and type can meet the needs of uniform mixing. Only by taking the actual mixing experiment seriously can we avoid product defects in the future.


Living § I hope this company will exist forever

Editor's note: "I hope this company will exist forever" is the title of a book. The author is a Japanese management consultant. He believes that the most important responsibility of a company is to benefit employees, and he puts forward "The 5 most cherished companies in Japan." In 2009, a colleague of Everwide bought 90 books for everyone as a New Year's gift. In May of this year, the company received letters of thanks from several colleagues to the company. These deeds made everyone feel warm and inspired. The biweekly newspaper especially used this article to share with our readers the expectation of "I hope this company will exist forever". Everwide occupies a very important position in my life stage. I completed my marriage here and also paid off my school loan. I really like Everwide's very independent company culture. Thank you to the company for giving employees a good salary, benefits, and working environment, and allowing us technicians to participate in many courses in terms of training. When working overtime, the company gives us an extra allowance, provides delicious bento, and drinks for everyone to drink. Thank you to the company for giving each employee a box of oranges when the oranges are abundant. At Everwide, I learned the hard-working spirit, and everyone is united. Although small-batch personnel is not the core personnel of the company, everyone has done some important things for the company together. On Saturday, we pulled the weeds, tidied the garden, wiped the steel beams, cleaned the spider silk on the ceiling, wiped the floor paint, etc. We keep in mind what the seniors said: The company must keep improving and the culture must keep evolving. Although we are not extremely intelligent intellectually, we will try our best to learn. Having said so much, the main reason is to thank the company for supporting us so much that it has made my life more colorful. I believe that the company will develop better under the leadership of its predecessors.

─Author: Small batch staff


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