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Everwide Newsletter-No.140

Experiment § Effect of Zinc Oxide Whiskers on the Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum Nitride

In addition to the materials' physical properties related to the number of inorganic minerals added are also greatly affected by the "path." General inorganic fillers are irregular particles, which can be imagined as spheres. Adding flake or needle-shaped additives to this type of particle often results in very different results. This experiment used different proportions of zinc oxide whiskers (tetragonal pyramid shape) to blend with aluminum nitride. The thermal conductivity was discussed without changing the overall filling amount. The results are shown in the table. The thermal conductivity of zinc oxide whiskers is about 35.6W/mK. Although its thermal conductivity is lower than that of aluminum nitride (70~210W/mK), the structure of zinc oxide whiskers can significantly shorten the heat conduction path and increase the chance of contact between aluminum nitride powder and particles. The content of the table shows that the addition of zinc oxide whiskers in aluminum nitride composites can improve the overall thermal conductivity. However, zinc oxide whiskers are conductive, and the whisker structure will make the fluidity and wettability of the composite material worse, and the whiskers are easy to break during processing. These are issues to be faced in future applications. (Remarks: SEM photo source J MATER PROCESS TECH, 1999, 89-90, 415)

─Author: Miss Ya-hui, Su


Activity § Taipei International Automotive Electronics Show

The Taipei International Automotive Electronics Show will be launched soon. It is the first time Everwide to participate in this exhibition. We want to have something different instead of interacting with everyone: we will hold briefing sessions at the booth, two sessions a day, each about 1 hour—briefing session content: polymer knowledge (epoxy resin, UV, Silicone) and Q&A discussion. Due to limited seats (about ten people per show), please download the event details:

Download PDF • 1.76MB

This will be a different exhibition. We are a little nervous ourselves, and we are quite looking forward to it. I don't know what kind of sparks will come out? Anyway, let's meet at the booth! Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F, Booth No. L0308 Time: April 10-12 (Wednesday to Friday), 09:00-18:00, 13th (Saturday) 09:00-15:00


Knowledge § Will adding a wetting agent to the resin formulation affect the bonding strength?

The resin must be able to wet the substrate for subsequent applications. Generally speaking, the surface tension of resin is lower than that of metals, ceramics, and glass, so there is relatively no wettability problem for these materials. However, the surface tension of many plastic materials is lower than that of resin. When applied to these materials, the resin will shrink or even condense into water droplets. There is no way to wet these materials. At this time, we must consider adding a wetting agent. From a positive point of view, adding a wetting agent can reduce the surface tension of the resin and improve the wetting ability of the substrate, which should be helpful to the bonding strength. On the negative side, the wetting agent will remain between the resin and the interface. These silicone or fluorocarbon substances may have a bad influence on the bonding strength. The differences between these two perspectives have not yet been concluded. As far as several experiments within the company are concerned, the addition of a wetting agent does not seem to affect the bonding strength. This result may vary depending on the substrate because a suitable bonding mechanism, Wetting, is only the first element, Swollen and IPN have a more profound impact on bonding strength.


Living § The baseball mania season starts!

Because of the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Taiwan has been overwhelmed by a craze of baseball. Many people watch football matches purely because of the craze and occasionally turn to the TV to watch the broadcast. The so-called insiders watch the doorway, the outsiders watch the lively, and the audience watching the football game also has a classification system, which can be roughly divided into three levels. The first level is to watch the stars. Which star is handsome? Which star is the most popular? You can learn a thing or two from online forums or newspaper and magazine reports. The second-level people are very dear to the players. At the beginning of the season, they will stand in front of the TV every day to cheer for the team they support. The third-level people are experts. In addition to knowing the tactics, they also understand the ball's course, such as skating, curveball, finger ball, Carter ball, butterfly ball, sinkerball. They can't be bothered at all. Taiwan's baseball can always resonate at crucial and critical moments, gather everyone's attention, and make everyone unite, wave the flag, and cheer for the players. During the game, everyone was talking about baseball. The above pictures are all reproduced from: Internationally, Taiwanese baseball is well-known for its unique way of refueling. On the court, the sound of gongs and drums is deafening, slogans and flags are flying, each player has their own "theme song," and there are many very unique cheering posters and "cheering groups." For example, when playing against the Dutch team, everyone will always bring out the portrait of the national hero Cheng-gong, Zheng to cheer; when playing against the Korean team, everyone will always say that they want to eat kimchi. If you have ever been to the stadium to watch a game, you will be attracted by this unique way of cheering. The loud sound of the horn that was initially high in decibels will no longer be harsh. You will be immersed in the whole game, and then you will become a small fan yourself, screaming and cheering for the team you support. It is Taiwan's baseball. Many people will always "review" the game after the game is over. A good game player, coaching team, cheering team, and cheerleading team are indispensable. Because of this, the game is beautiful, and it is fascinating. So, please put aside all your prejudices and dissatisfaction, experience baseball mania together, and enjoy a game! Since I was a kid, I have been a baseball fan, and I was fortunate enough to go to the stadium to watch a few important international matches held in Taiwan. The next day, I tried my best to make no sound and released the pressure of life. If you haven't walked into the stadium to watch or even watched a baseball game in Taiwan, please try to experience it with everyone! You will fall in love with Taiwanese baseball!

─Author: Ms. Hen-rong, Li


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