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Everwide Newsletter No.146

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § Application of extinction principle in CIS

The CIS (Contact Image Sensor) component is the most critical component when the photocopier and scanner are working (Figure 1). As shown in Figure 2, this component is A cylindrical lens (B) fixed to the CIS (A) using an adhesive (C). The customer wants the adhesive not to be bright and to have a matting effect. In the beginning, our idea was that as long as the glue is opaque, it can be a matting effect. Later, after we asked senior staff for advice and information, we realized that it was not as simple as we imagined. A good matting effect should be transparent and low gloss. The reflection of light occurs when light is projected on the surface of the object, and the reflection ability of the surface of the object is called gloss. The gloss of the surface of different objects is different. The measure of the ability of the surface of the object to reflect light is called the gloss. The higher the gloss of an object's surface, the stronger its ability to reflect light and the higher its brightness (Figure 3A). But matting effect is to make the light reflection appear scattered to reduce gloss (Figure 3B). The reason for the matting of the adhesive used on the photosensitive component is that other components have a matt appearance. If the adhesive looks bright, it will form an abrupt appearance on the workpiece. This reason is not easy to guess, right?

—Author: Mr. Yu-Ren, Chen


Activity § New instruments in the first half of the year

Do we learn new instrument operations? Try new experimental methods? Found a new experimental phenomenon? These are some of the indicators by which we can reflect on whether R&D is progressing. Everwide has extended experimental equipment of the system and newly purchased instruments in the first half of the year: UL94 combustion test box, LOI tester (limiting oxygen index), NBS smoke density test box (installed in July) and the second Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR). We use FTIR to do product inspections. After we purchased the second spectrometer, the efficiency of quality inspection has been greatly improved.


Knowledge § Matters needing attention in the processing of filling materials

The filler should pay attention to the following four points during the processing: 1. Does the filler absorb moisture? Do we need to pre-bake the filler to remove moisture? 2. What is the dispersibility of the filler in the resin? Do we need to use dispersing additives or surface treatment? 3. Does the filler agglomerate in the resin and need to be ground? Is the hardness too high to damage the grinding machine? 4. Will the filler precipitate in the resin? Should we use anti-sagging agents or special preservation methods? Taking into account the above four variables will make the product more stable.


Living § Steve Jobs' speech

At a 2012 year-end meeting, the company played Jobs' 2005 Commencement speech at Stanford University, and after the meeting, everyone was asked to write up their thoughts as encouragement. Jobs created unprecedented inventions to explore the world, some call him a hero, others see him as an unusual genius. He did not have a smooth life, but the twists and turns of fate never defeated him. Three short stories in his speech illustrate his attitude towards life. The first is the spirit of learning. Ordinary people read books to accumulate credit and they have no sense of mission in what they are learning. Jobs are independent and passionate about learning and emphasize It's about connecting with dots. Learning at a time is like establishing a point in our life. Now we don't know which points are important, but life will naturally connect them and map out our life. We need to be highly curious and passionate about what we're doing in order to create the "dots" that matter. The second story is "Love and Loss": Jobs founded Apple Computer, and though he was fired for a while, and he eventually returned to Apple. He regarded the experience as a valuable asset and dealt with the difficulties in life with a positive attitude. He took setbacks as challenges and stuck to what he loved, and that attitude brought him success. The third paragraph "About Death" takes the example of facing death after suffering from cancer, emphasizing the preciousness of life, don't waste time living in the lives of others, and follow your brave heart. Jobs’ speech revealed a positive outlook on life and perseverance. His "choice" and "change" impressed me deeply. Everyone has the ability to "choose", but few people maintain their original intentions and love their choices like Jobs. Many people are afraid of "change." In fact, those who have the courage to change often find surprises. Stay hungry, stay foolish can be the conclusion of a speech, or it can be our pursuit of life goals.

─Author: Miss. Heng-Rong, Li, and Miss. Guan-Ling, Lin

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