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Everwide Newsletter No.147

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § Improvement of diffused film application

Diffuser Film is a part of the LCD backlight module. It can make the light of the light guide plate diffuse, so that the line light source or point light source is distributed into a uniform surface light source (Figure 1). The diffuser Film is made by coating the solvent-based anti-glare UV adhesive with beads on the plastic film. The common customer service problems are as follows: 1. Beads may have agglomeration problems when they are left for too long (more than 6 months), so we have recommend vigorous stirring for one hour so that they can be fully dispersed again to achieve uniform patterns of dispersion. 2. Use mixed solvents to improve the surface defects during film coatings, such as black and white lines and leveling problems (Figure 2). 3. During processing and packaging, we need to keep stirring to prevent the beads in the UV adhesive from settling, otherwise, the haze will be uneven and there will be differences between batches. 4. Film stored in a high humidity environment may cause mildew on the surface. Although this phenomenon cannot be seen immediately during coating, after some time, the mold will be failure and it will turn black, and tiny cotton wool will affect the quality of the product (Figure 3). There are many details of Anti-glare coating. As long as we continue to communication and discussion, we will be able to continuous improvement the technology.

─Author: Mr. Tsan-Hsien, Hung


Activity § The annual medical exam that cannot be ignored

In this physical examination, the doctor of abdominal ultrasound carefully helped us measure how thick the subcutaneous fat is. So after the physical examination, everyone's common topic is: "How many centimeters are you?" What surprising was that colleagues who looked thin had more subcutaneous fat. Generally, abdominal ultrasound focuses on "fatty liver" and "kidney stones." Modern people are over-nourished, and many people have moderate or even severe fatty liver at a young age. Doctors often ask us to pay more attention to our health while doing examinations. Less oil, less salt, more exercise, is always the doctor's admonition. The annual health checkup not only allows us to understand the condition of the body but also many diseases can also be found. Early detection and early treatment are the best ways to prevent more diseases. Don't forget to pay more attention to your health in addition to hard work. Should readers also arrange a health check?


Knowledge § What are the disadvantages application of two-component PU?

In the 137th of Everwide E-paper, we introduced "What is the biggest difference between soft PU and soft epoxy?" There are also many two-component PU on the market, which are commonly used for perfusion applications. So, what are the shortcomings in the application of two-component PU? 1. The curing agent of PU contains the functional group of isocyanate, which can absorb the water in the air and cause the crust phenomenon. 2. The main agent of PU has quite high water absorption. Once it absorbs water and reacts with the curing agent, the water will make the isocyanate in the curing agent produce carbon dioxide, resulting in bubbles or pinholes on the surface of the product. To reduce these two disadvantages, it is important that the storage and use processes be closed, or even filled with dry nitrogen to eliminate any possibility of hygroscopic. 3. The curing agent of PU contains isocyanate, which is quite toxic to the human body, so inhalation or skin contact should be avoided as far as possible. In addition to sealing the use process to prevent contact, it is also a better way to choose products with lower isocyanate volatility. Many PU raw materials will advertise the percentage of free isocyanate content, which means that the isocyanate has been pre-polymerized. These pre-polymerized isocyanate oligomers have low volatility and are relatively non-toxic. The remaining monomers after pre-polymerization have high volatility and high toxicity, so products with low Free isocyanate content are also a good choice.


Living § Summer Fun

Listen, cicadas and frogs are calling, the summer concerto is playing. "It's hot! It's almost a catchphrase. The sticky sweat is even more uncomfortable. Turning on the air conditioner, drinking cold drinks, and eating ice cream seems to be something everyone does in summer. Is this really cool? Summer because of the sultry, so we easily have no spirit and no appetite. On top of that, sweating and losing water make our bodies very hot and irritable. And no amount of ice and cold drinks can dispel this heat. Summer mangoes and lychees are very rich, if you eat too much easy to get angry and some people who eat too much will also bleed nosebleeds. Everyone is accustomed to avoiding the scorching sun in an air-conditioned room, but if you stay in that way for a long time, you will get heatstroke. So what should we do to properly cool off the heat? It is important to drink warm water to rehydrate your body. At the same time, drinking water can also promote epidermal circulation and reduce body heat. Sufficient sleep is the second way to cool off. People who don’t get enough sleep tend to get angry. Once they get angry, they will naturally feel hot too. Therefore, adequate sleep can make people feel refreshed, work efficiently, and naturally become less angry. A light diet and less touching fried foods are also effective ways to cool off the heat. Eating some of the right drinks to reduce the heat can also achieve the effect of heat reduction, such as fairy grass, vegetarian gelatin, and mung bean soup are good choices. Bitter melon and watermelon can also help us cool down. If you want to spend the sultry summer refreshingly, you can try the above methods. Of course, if you want to swim and play in the water, come for a "cool summer", and don't forget to pay attention to your own safety!

—Author:Ms. Heng-Rong, Li


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