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Everwide Newsletter No.153

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § Solid transparent optical glue for touch panel

Due to the vigorous development of smart 3C products, the demand for touch control continues to evolve, and optical adhesives are widely used. Optical glue is used to bond the two major components of the touch panel and the display module. Depending on the bonding technology, it can be divided into liquid (LOCA, refer to the relevant report of Biweekly Report No. 120) and solid (OCA, Optically Clear Adhesive). Because it is used on the screen, the optical properties of LOCA and OCA have the same requirements: high light transmittance, high weather resistance, and non-yellowing characteristics. In addition to liquid LOCA glue development, Everwide Chemical has recently co-developed UV-type solid OCA glue with customers. The solid OCA adhesive is a double-sided adhesive film, and a layer of release film is attached up and down, which looks like a double-sided adhesive. This adhesive film can fill the air layer between the touch panel and the display module, reduce the light loss caused by the refraction of light through the air layer, and improve the fineness of the picture. OCA glue also has the function of explosion-proof film, which can improve the impact resistance of the glass screen. Acrylic resin that reacts quickly to shape has the advantages of similar refractive index, transmittance, yellowing resistance, and high toughness to glass. It can meet the high and low-temperature changes after the touch panel is laminated and the dimensional stability of expansion and contraction. At present, our products have passed the test of 500 hours of high temperature and high humidity (85℃/85RH) and 240 hours of QUV (b*<0.5), and the haze is less than 1% after the ring test.

─Author: Mr. Dong-Qi, Pan


Activity § The 39th Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition

Everwide Chemical will participate in the 39th Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition on October 8. Every time we participate in the exhibition, we rack our brains to give different gains to the friends who watch the exhibition. The feature of this exhibition: Review the unique products that Everwide has sold in the past 13 years. For example, solvent-based epoxy resin for hockey sticks with the largest shipments, the world's second LED encapsulant that has obtained UL94V-0 certification, light-hardening resin for plastic crafts, patented PLED encapsulation structure and coated light-hardening resin, and a single-layer ultra-thin flexible DVD. After listening to our introduction, you will be amazed at the application of Everwide products in various industries in the past. Let's meet in Nangang Exhibition Hall! Exhibition time: 2013.10.08~10 (Tuesday~Thursday), 9:00~17:00; 2013.10.11 (Friday), 9:00~16:00. Yongkuan Chemical's booth number: K1003a. For exhibition information, please see:


Knowledge § How is light-curing resin divided into ultraviolet curing and visible light curing?

Simply saying, if the absorption wavelength of the photoinitiator in the resin is lower than 400nm, it can be said to be UV curing. The most common characteristic wavelength is 365nm, and some printing inks have absorption wavelengths as short as 254nm. On the other hand, if the absorption wavelength of the photoinitiator in the resin is higher than 400nm, it is hardened by visible light. The most common characteristic wavelength is located at 436nm of blue light. The absorption wavelength of currently commercially available initiators can be as high as 500nm, located in the green light range. For the same resin formula, different photoinitiators will be selected because of the wavelength of the light source, the characteristics of the adhesive material, and the difference in processing conditions. Sometimes just because of this small amount of photoinitiator changes, it is enough to affect the performance of the adhesive. In other words, is the photo-curing resin made UV curing or visible light curing? There are many factors to consider.


Living § "Climb" Yuanzui Mountain

The beauty of Daxue Mountain Forest Road is well known, and there are two famous mountains hidden in it: Yuanzui and Shaolai. The top of Yuzui Mountain is named after the sharp-pointed Yuzui. Although the elevation is only 2180m, it is recognized that the difficulty surpasses one hundred peaks. The introduction on the website: The process is thrilling, the scenery is breathtaking, and the concrete can be challenging. Can't withstand everyone's instigation, I hosted the Everwide Yuzui Special Team on August 3. When I arrived at the mountain pass that day, I looked up and took a breath: the standard hero slope. Before you can warm-up, you have to try your best to climb up the rope by holding the rope. When I got to the first platform, my heart was like a pump that couldn't move, unable to transmit oxygen, and my head was dizzy and blank. Fortunately, Er Kai and Xiao Chen hurriedly handed over sports drinks and replenished sugar and electrolytes before regaining their senses. When I climbed to the second platform, Wen Chao and Yu Ren helped me share the contents of my backpack, which allowed me to survive the physical barrier. Seeing that everyone's feet are so good, I want to exercise more as a promoter. After two hours of climbing on the rough and challenging bare rock, I finally reached the top of the mountain. After a short break, everyone took out all the water, canned food, vegetables, noodles, all from the mountain, and cooked a not-so-rich but incredibly delicious lunch. Even the cheap biscuits, have colleagues inquired where to buy them? Why is it so delicious! On the top of a mountain far away from the hustle and bustle, sharing will have a special joy. There are some climbing paths and some sagging paths, which are not easy at all. Occasionally, the boss falls out of the team; I am afraid it is hemorrhoids? A sign was at the exit: "Because it is special, so attractive." It is the best comment on this mountain. When climbing the mountain, everyone helped and reminded each other. This kind of proper temperament made everyone's heart broad like a mountain. I look forward to the next trip to the mountains.

─Author: Mr. Zhu-fang, Huang


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