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Everwide Newsletter No.158

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Experiment § Use metallographic test piece to observe bubbles

When developing the underfill adhesive, if the glue generates bubbles around the solder balls in the chip and it is called void. This phenomenon usually causes NG results when the chip module is subjected to the loop test, resulting in failure to pass the reliability test. In order to observe whether the glue has generated bubbles in the densely packed tin balls. The semiconductor industry generally uses SAT ultrasonic scanning tests. Because the equipment is quite expensive and the experimental chips cannot be obtained in large quantities, we use simulation experiments to conduct research: first, sprinkle solder balls on the bottom of the fixture, cover the chip, and inject underfill glue from the side. Moreover potting and embedding resin after curing. Grind and polish the metallographic test piece (Figure 1), and then place it under a microscope for observation (Figure 2). Polish the test piece until the solder balls are exposed (Figure 3), and bubbles can be seen when magnified 200 times (Figure 4). After the formulation is improved, no bubbles will be seen at high magnification (Figure 5). Applying this method to the development of Underfill glue can analyze the bubble problem in a low-cost and efficient manner, making our product development process more confident.

─Author: Mrs. Gen-Chang,Shi


Activity § The theory of evolution in drug disaster drills

We work with many chemical materials every day, so we must establish a fairly complete response system to prevent the leakage of poisons or other hazards. Every year, we regularly hold two disaster prevention drills on poisons and specialties and accept irregular inspections by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Central Environmental Toxic Disaster Response Team. In order to become more proficient in the entire process, two unwarned drills have been arranged every week for the past month, so that the members of the response team can wear the correct protective equipment, deal with emergencies, and be familiar with the moving line and disaster relief procedures. After several training sessions, the colleagues developed a sense of accomplishment: they gathered quickly after hearing the broadcast and cheered when the situation was relieved. Disaster prevention exercise is a skill to prepare and not use. We take it seriously, which means that we can also deal with other things seriously. As a result, industrial safety accidents are gradually reduced, and production quality is naturally improved.


Knowledge § What are the precautions for filling materials during processing?

The filler should pay attention to the following five points during the processing: 1. Does the filler absorb moisture? Do we need to pre-bake the filler to remove moisture? 2. Is the dispersibility of the filler in the resin good? Do we need to use dispersing additives or surface treatment? 3. Does the filler agglomerate in the resin and need to be ground? Is it too hard to damage the grinding machine? 4. Will the filler precipitate in the resin? Should I use anti-sagging agents or special preservation methods? 5. Will there be a special reaction between filler and resin? Will the color, viscosity, thixotropy, defoaming, or reactivity of the product change after a period of time? These details will have an impact on the nature of the finished product, which is where we need to pay special attention.


Living § The future landscape

Many people have changed a lot of cars in their lives. When it comes to the performance and equipment of the car, they are always talking happily. But have you thought about it? Perhaps the last car in your life will be a wheelchair. In recent years, apart from the row upon row of mansions in Taiwan, the most newly constructed buildings should be support centers. Since 1993, Taiwan has entered an aging society, and the proportion of elderly people over 65 has continued to rise. At the end of 2012, Taiwan’s aging index was 76.21%, and the tide of population aging continued to attack. Many young people leave their homes and work hard to make money, "How to take care of the elders?" It has also become a common issue for many of us. The support centers that have sprung up like mushrooms are one of the choices of many people. They send the elders at home to the support center for proper care. However, the cost of the support center is also a considerable expense, which often increases the burden on many families. The Ministry of Health and Welfare (formerly the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan) designed a series of services for the needs of long-term care, including home care, nutritional catering services for the elderly, and long-term care agency services. You can choose suitable care services according to your needs. For related content, please refer to: The care and nursing of the elderly is a deep subject, and psychological and physical needs must go hand in hand. Apart from busy work, please don't forget to greet the elders at home and give timely warmth and care. You and I will be old in the future, what kind of scenery do you want to see in the future? The landscape of the future should be created from now, and we should educate our next generation carefully, and care about the elders in the family together with us so that the "old age has a good home" can also be realized in this modern society!

─Author: Ms. Heng-Rong, Li


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