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Everwide Newsletter No.159

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § TMA spectrum of heterogeneous materials

Figure 1 is a close-up of the TMA experiment. As the temperature rises, the test piece expands, and the dimensional change can be sensed by the probe. However, some test pieces are not homogeneous, which will affect the results of the experiment. For example, when a large number of inorganic fillers are added to the resin, the powder precipitates during the curing process, resulting in different compositions at the bottom and the top of the test piece (Figure 2). Place the bottom of this test piece on the TMA stage, and the probe against the top of the test piece, the measured expansion coefficient may be overestimated (Figure 3). Turn the front and back of the same test piece upside down, place the top of the test piece on the stage, and the probe against the bottom of the test piece, the measured expansion coefficient will be underestimated, and even often get negative values: the temperature rises, the size becomes smaller (Figure 4,5). The TMA experiment assumes that the Y-axis size change has nothing to do with the X-axis, but the Y-axis change of heterogeneous materials will be affected by the X-axis, so the front and back sides of the test piece are different, and the results are completely different. Many strange maps are related to this phenomenon.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li


Activity § Let's Beyond Beauty - Taiwan from Above oh yeah!

" Beyond Beauty - Taiwan from Above oh yeah " broke the documentary's box office record. Not only did it expose the beauty of the scenery, but also exposed the ugliness and sorrow. It received an enthusiastic response: the demand for environmental protection was on the rise, and the government was forced to take immediate measures. Everwide fully subsidized colleagues for viewing in mid-November. Unexpectedly, the movie theater in Douliu was renovated, and you can only see it in Huwei or even Taichung or Chiayi. After the cinema reopened in mid-December, we immediately booked two shows and opened 200 seats to colleagues, relatives, and friends. After seeing it, everyone was deeply touched: some people called for climbing mountains and picking up trash, some donated 900 books to Douliu High School and hope that the next generation would continue to protect the environment, and some people watched a movie with their parents in the cinema for the first time. Seeing, moving, and acting will build a promising Taiwan.


Knowledge § What are the sources and possible impacts of Outgassing?

When organic materials are heated, vacuum, or both, gas often escapes, resulting in weight reduction. This phenomenon is called Outgassing, and its causes may come from the following points: (1) The by-products released when the resin undergoes condensation curing reaction. (2) Residual monomers, catalysts, diluents, additives, and other small molecules after the resin is cured. (3) When the resin is at a high temperature, the product of cracking occurs. The possible effects of Outgassing on the resin are as follows: (1) It may represent a change in the characteristics of the resin itself. (2) Volatile matter may contaminate the surface of parts. (3) Volatile matter may cause corrosion to electronic circuits. (4) Volatile matter may cause cracks in plastic materials. (5) Volatile matter may pollute the use environment.


Living § The destiny of research and development

A senior colleague told me: The fate of R&D is not going well every day. For example, I have 5 cases on hand, I am happy to solve 1 case, and fail to solve 4 cases, so it is called unsuccessful. Also, after solving one, the boss will give me a new one and ask me to solve it. The one new one has not been solved yet, which is also called unsuccessful. Later I found out more than that of the 5 cases received, 3 are difficult to solve and 2 are unsolvable. It's not that our ability is bad, but that many manufacturers have made simple cases and made products for public sale. If access and information are not grasped the first time, simple cases will not enter our hands. Therefore, the strength of Everwide is to solve the three problems and get the favor of customers. Last month I ran around because of a certain case, and I ran a dozen times. Several times, I went back and forth twice in the same day. Sometimes I continued to discuss until 11 pm after dinner, and I didn't even dare to slack off on Sunday night. Because the customer's products are in a hurry for mass production, but we are the only one who can cooperate in the development. This pressure has made me unable to sleep well for several nights. Start with research on foreign products, overcome the shortcomings of others one by one, and finally go online for mass production. When the customer said to me: "Your glue performance has been improved to quite good!" The sense of accomplishment at the moment is really beyond description! This case has accompanied me to grow up a lot. Although there are still many unknown problems to be solved in the future, the sense of responsibility and mission that we have as R&D will drive us to solve the problems all the way! Just use this article to wish you all a happy new year and wish me a great transfer next year.

─Author: Miss. Guan-Ling, Lin

Good sharing § The book donation activity of Beyond Beauty-Taiwan from Above is still in progress. If you don’t want to miss such a good event, please review the content of the 157th issue of the Everwide e-newsletter, Or you can go to the official website of the event

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