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Everwide Newsletter-No.161

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § Surface dryness ≠ curing degree

Generally, the basis for judging whether the resin is cured or not is based on touching the cured surface of the UV glue and the degree of dryness. However, this approach is sometimes misleading, that is, light-curing acrylic resin is cured by the reaction of free radicals with monomers. The curing process will be disturbed by oxygen, and the slight result is that the resin has poor scratch resistance. The more serious result is that the resin surface tends to be sticky. Formulations with poor surface dryness do not necessarily mean that all applications have problems with reactivity. (For the principle of oxygen interference, please refer to the 53rd issue of the e-newsletter We can choose two different resins and give the same UV energy irradiation. The surface of the resin on the left is dry after curing, and the surface on the right is wet and sticky after curing, and my fingerprints can be printed on the resin (as shown in the red box in Figure 1). For coatings with one side exposed to the air, the formula on the right is obviously inappropriate. But can this formula be used as an adhesive? Will there be doubts about incomplete curing? We use the resin on the right to glue the glass test piece (Figure 2), use the same UV energy to cure it, and then use the tensile machine to do the tensile test. The result is shown in Figure 3: The glass test piece itself is brittle, which proves that this energy is enough to make the colloid react completely and let the resin exert its due adhesive strength. This experiment shows that the surface dryness and the degree of curing are two different things: the formula that is susceptible to oxygen interference can have a good response rate when the two sides are laminated to eliminate interference.

─Author: Mr. De-Zhong, Chen


Activity § Calendar before and after the Spring Festival

Wei Ya is an annual fun club, meaning to console the hard work of last year and celebrate the coming of the new year. Lottery and prize-raising during the banquet always make friends of big and small have a great time. Please pay attention to everyone: this year our last production and shipment date are January 24 (Friday). On the 27th, the factory area was cleaned and the floor paint was painted. The 29th was the time for the year-end meeting of all colleagues. From January 30th to February 4th is a 6-day consecutive Spring Festival holiday. We will officially go to work on February 5 (Wednesday) and continue to serve everyone! I just wish the readers of the biweekly with this article: Happy Chinese New Year and success!


Knowledge § What is the swelling ratio of plastics?

The swollen ratio of plastics refers to the swelling ratio when the plastic is placed in a liquid (usual organics such as solvents, grease, etc.), the volume change is measured after a period of time, and the calculated volume change rate is the swelling ratio. In many cases, the organic liquid will penetrate into the plastic to reach a saturated state, and a stable swelling ratio can be obtained. Generally, the closer the solubility parameter of the organic liquid is to the solubility parameter of the plastic, the greater the molecular force between the organic liquid and the plastic, the greater the swelling ratio. Sometimes it occurs that the components in the plastic dissolve into the organic liquid or the plastic disintegrates in the organic liquid. At this time, the calculation of the swelling ratio has no specific meaning.


Living § Yunlin Agricultural Exhibition

This year's Yunlin Agriculture Exhibition will be on display at Huwei Base from December 25, 2013, to March 6, 2014. The entire park is quite vast, with a total area of 17.8 hectares, equivalent to 2/3 of Taipei Daan Forest Park, and the water area accounts for about 1/4 of the total park. The agricultural exhibition base is like a wetland ecological park, and it takes 3 hours to view it from beginning to end. There are 6 major exhibition venues in the exhibition, including the "Food Adventure" from the production area to the table, the "Variable Assembled Vehicle" of green energy and power technology, the "Happy Ranch" where sustainability is the only goal, The "Fashion Outreach" showing local stories and history, the "Agricultural Shop" of the Tanabe Drama Club, the "Carbon Forest Farm" of the Action Hulk, and the "Creative Paradise" that broke through the cultural and creative walls. The Yunlin Agriculture Exhibition this time feels different from the Taipei Flower Exhibition, because the Agriculture Exhibition incorporates many new ideas, making the agricultural exhibition interesting and fun. For example, the Presidential Palace and Transformers made of fruit boxes are must-see attractions in the park. The safe agriculture area and the organic agriculture area can allow the hillbillies living in the city to absorb full knowledge. Of course, we can also take it easy and simply treat it as a scenic spot. In short, this expo takes into account all aspects of intelligence, sensibility, rationality, and spirituality. For related information, please refer to The most important purpose of holding an agricultural exhibition is to enhance the status of farmers and tell the people of the whole country that "farmers are the largest." In an era of drastic changes in the environment, food will be the target of countries all over the world. Taiwan should not be short of food, and agriculture is more important than other occupations. From this perspective, you must not miss the agricultural exhibition in Yunlin.

─Author: Mr. Wen-Zheng


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