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Everwide Newsletter No.167

Experiment § Laser Particle Size Analyzer

In order to understand the cleanliness distribution of Hard Coating products, such as the size and number of crystal points, Everwide Chemical specially purchased a particle analyzer (Figure 1). This instrument uses the principle of "Near-forward light scatters"; after the laser light is formed into a specific beam by the scanner, it penetrates the glass bottle which contains the transparent solution to be measured and absorbs the laser through the receiving end, and it is determined to be scattered; the ratio and change are converted, and the principle is shown in Figure 2 and 3. In the past, I always took an optical-grade product and exposed it to the light for a long time to find out whether there were impurities with the naked eye. This method is quite costly and unscientific. Now we use a particle size analyzer for testing to ensure that there are no impurities in the product and the cleanliness meets customers' needs before releasing it. In addition to confirming the quality of products, we can also study process variables and monitor the stability of raw materials so that our related product development can enter a new era.

─Author: Miss Chun-Xiang, Li


Activity § The environmental, safety, and health team assigns tasks

To protect everyone's health and work safety, we organize an environmental safety and health team to help implement various regulations. In the past two years, we have paid particular attention to the wearing of protective equipment. In the past, some occasional colleagues acted cheaply and did not implement the requirements for protective equipment. We first arrange relevant courses, emphasizing the importance of safety and hygiene, and teach everyone the correct use of protective gear. Then organize an audit team to visit each unit unscheduled every day. We adopt a reward system, where the environmental, safety, and health representative counts the number of misses in each department, and awards are awarded for the less frequent ones. In this way, colleagues will care about and urge each other and then develop habits. We believe that there will be no need for an audit team to inspect in the future, and everyone will take the initiative to wear protective equipment to protect themselves more safely.


Knowledge § What is the exothermic phenomenon of the resin hardening reaction?

When the resin hardens, most of it releases heat. This heat will increase the temperature of the resin itself and also make the reaction faster and faster. When the resin temperature rises too high, components may fail; it may also cause massive stress to damage the components when the temperature drops. The easiest way to evaluate the resin reaction exotherm is to use a thermometer to record the relationship between temperature and time at a specific weight of resin and a specific ambient temperature (usually 25°C). The graph made by listing the temperature of the above data as the ordinate and the time as the abscissa is the graph of the resin reaction exotherm curve. In this curve, the maximum temperature is the maximum temperature of the reaction exotherm; the corresponding time is the time of the reaction exotherm.


Living § Students must surpass the teacher

I recently think of research in the laboratory of Teacher Feng-Zhi, Zhang of Chiao Tung University. My teacher once said to me: In his concept, students must surpass the teacher. At the moment, I thought this was an encouragement, but I didn't expect the teacher to explain the reason with a serious face:

  1. Teachers wrote doctoral dissertations more than 20 years ago, and of course, the doctoral dissertations written by students should surpass him;

  2. The teacher has to instruct many students simultaneously, but the students only need to do an excellent job of their papers, so students should surpass the teachers in their research understanding.

After listening to the teacher's deduction, I couldn't help feeling nervous: It turned out that it is a responsibility for students to surpass the teacher, and I am still far from it. Eighteen years have passed, but this incident is as apparent as what happened yesterday: I very much hope that younger generations can surpass us so that we can prove that our inheritance is effective; this is the responsibility of two generations. After my teacher retired from the Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chiao Tung University, he became a chair professor in the Department of Materials and Optoelectronics at Sun Yat-Sen University. On February 25 this year, the teacher asked me to share my experience in class. It was a wonderful day: taking a selfie at the high-speed rail station with a flying mood; strolling through the corridors that were nervously memorizing before attending a seminar 20 years ago and taking the stage report; enjoying the sunset at the Sizihwan Seawall before the lecture, I had lunch with my teacher and my younger brother, Professor Shao-wei, Guo. The teacher told me that his office is next to the seawall; he likes the beautiful scenery of Kaohsiung. The class was over at about eight o'clock, and we said goodbye to the teacher. If the teacher starts classes again next year, he will still have the opportunity to visit this beautiful campus. On March 24, I received a notice from my younger brother that the teacher passed away peacefully. These days I keep thinking, what can I do to repay the teacher for his cultivation? Tell everyone what the teacher teaches! Students must surpass teachers.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li

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